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to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

Some listening last night snagged these. QTH: Albany, NY. Receiver
section of TS-50 transceiver, antenna 40m loop:
MADAGASCAR - 5009.57 R. Madagasikara decent in LSB at 0251 with OC,
0255 local harp IS, 0259 choral NA, 0300 M ID/freqs (lang:
Malagasy), right into morning music pgm. Decent signal to past
0333. Drifted up to 5009.58 by 0300, 5009.59 by 0330. (16-Sep)
Others noted between 0330-0400:
3270 NBC Namibia good, //3289.9
3289.9 NBC Namibia nonstop mx
3306 Zimbabwe vernacular program, not//3396
3339.93 R. Altura playing "Happy Birthday" requests
3369.8 Beira possible here, too weak to ID
3380.82 Malawi presumed here with lo modulation, woulda been
          readable if not for QRN.
3396 Zimbabwe nice w/vernacular pgm
6014.9 unid w/African mx at 0356, lost to presumed Yugoslavia 6015
          @0400. Tanzania-Zanzibar reactive around here.
Al Quaglieri
P.S.: Someone tell me the address to post something to everybody on
rec.radio.shortwave? SWL-L - something? Thanks.
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