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I find the concept of excluding non-contributors unnecessarily elitist. I 
can understand why you'd want to keep the indicence of non-dx chitchat to 
absolute minimums, but to exclude lurkers serves no useful purpose other 
than making ourselves feel somehow beknighted or special.

I've been online since 1987, and can state with some certainty that there 
will always be those who will read and never post. That's just the way 
they are, and you won't change that with rules or regulations. It costs 
us nothing to appear in their mailboxes, and they might learn something 
useful in the process.

There are those who believe that a club just isn't a club until it 
figures out a way to exclude certain people from joining. I am against 
anything that contributes to "hoarding" of DX information.

Al Quaglieri
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