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RE: hard-core-dx-digest V1 #36

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RTBF reactivated its MW transmitters earlier this year. This is the report
that appeared in March 1995 MWN:

 "RTBF has reactivated two of their MW transmitters which have silent since
June 1993. From 20/2/95 RTBF Radio 2, now known as Frequence Wallonie,
reappeared on 1125 kHz from La Louviere and on 1233 from Liege. These are
test transmissions on low power. RTBF are checking the equipment in view of
possible use by other operators, French notably." 

Indeed they did go off air for a period. Subsequently the transmitters
returned and have been on air regularly ever since. 1125kHz is a strong
signal into Eastern England. I have not heard 1305 and cannot hear anything
on 1233 except my local relay of Virgin 1215.

Steve Whitt
Editor Medium Wave News

From: Adam_Thomas#Tel3850 <at3850@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 95 07:08:00 MEZ
Subject: Old new station

Despite the fact the WRTH doesn't list the regional
RTBF-mediumwaves any more and other sources say these
transmitters are off the air I heard the following one:

20.9.95 1740-1810 UTC 1233 kHz RTBF-Liege

playing french chansons and announcing their well known
address in Liege. What about the others? Are 1125 and 1305
still active?


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