Iceland on MW/LW
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Iceland on MW/LW

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I have tried to hear Iceland on MW many times, including the Armed Forces
station on 1530 kHz, but to no avail. The 1530 outlet is made tougher than
in Europe by the fact that Iceland is in the same general direction as
the huge R. Vaticana outlet, and when I get rid of that signal by phasing
I usually hear the small British station. Once in a while I have heard 
snatches of American-accented sports play-by-play, but on this continent
QRM from the US is a problem. I have not been able to establish a parallel
with, for instance, Azores 1503 when I have heard the sports programming.

I have logged the Icelandic LW station here a few times, but not recently.
Is it still on the air? I vaguely recall reading about a collapse of their
tower a few years ago...

Jean Burnell, St. John's, Newfoundland
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