Re: Italian private/pirate stations on MW/SW
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Re: Italian private/pirate stations on MW/SW

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This is the current list of active Italian private and pirate stations
operating on medium and short waves, compiled and published by well-known
DXer Dario Monferini on Play DX 857 (16 Oct. 1995).

1395    0.5 kW  R. 106 Comunitaria, Rubiera (Modena)    0700-1700
1503    2       Tele R. Stereo, Roma                    0600-1700
1553v   1       R. Paperina, Vicenza                    0700-1500
1584    2.5     R. San Luchino, Bologna                    24h

3925v   0.5     R. Mariquita / R. Alpen Adria, Treviso  1800-2300v
6012    5       Tele R. Stereo, Roma                       24h
6230    7       European Christian R., Ravenna          0700-1900
6295    0.5     Good Fun R., Treviso                    1900-2300v
7140    15      R. Italia Int., Spoleto (Perugia)       0700-1500
7294/7300  0.5  R. Europe, Pioltello (Milano)           0800-1400
7475    0.5     R. Strike, Palermo                      0800-1300
9420    0.5     R. Europa Int., Brescia                     24h

You can contact Dario Monferini (via Davanzati 8, I-20158 Milano, Italy) for
further information about these stations and his weekly DX bulletin.
Fabrizio Magrone

E-mail: fmagrone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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