Weekend Westcoast Adventure
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Weekend Westcoast Adventure

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Here are  the highlights from the Victoria QTH:
Receiver DX440   2 & 4 ' Spiral passive loops.

Saturday UTC:

0100-0130 1314 Norway audio in and out + carrier til
well past 0500 UTC 

1500-1530 Typical Huge NHK signals from 774
          783Khz 1520UTC Huge : presume a Russian..

Sunday UTC:

0759 UTC 747 NHK2 Huge signal on their sunrise..fading dwn w/in
                  15 minutes or so.. slight carrier on 774

Monday UTC:

0719 UTC 1017 Tonga Never louder here at what I presume is their
              sunset...peaking at about 0714 into Local News in

0805 UTC 747 NHK2 Japan Huge again a few minutes later than last
                   night in their sunset enhancement.. Japanese
                    speaking female well above splatter from
                     Portland ORE station.

CORRECTION: Sunday 0759 UTC is  SUNSET enhancement: NOT sunrise!  :-)

The Norway audio on 1314 is my first TA audio in about 10 years..

colin newell
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