What's the deal with ....532v. Khz
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What's the deal with ....532v. Khz

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What is the deal with 532.  sometimes 533 Khz .. ?

Was up last night after midnight local time ( 0800 UTC )  and poked in a look

at 530-1600.  532 was at such unbelieveably monstrous

levels that I have been lead to believe that they are 

testing some new xmtr product. There was open carrier for

minutes at a time and periodic SS speaking male... Plenty

of (translated)  "one moment please"

un momento pour favour... etc .... then one or two phrases..

I cannot be convinced  that this is 100 KW ..

If T&C was coming in so loud, where were all the other 

central american "100KW" stations ???

I have heard my share of megawatt transmitters from thousands

of kilometer away and have a pretty good feeling of what the 

field strength should be. This was either a new 250KW + xmtr

or they are using an antenna system with a very low angle of

radiation and great directionality towards the west coast

of North America. 

Other regular appearances at this locale are TONGA on 1017

nightly, Japan on 747 after 0800 UTC and a few other Hets.

Norway on 1314 has been appearing daily from 0100-0500 UTC

with at least a het  and today at 0500 UTC rendered audio

for a few minutes.

colin newell

Victoria BC Canada

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