AM DX NewsFlash 11-22-95 (fwd)
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AM DX NewsFlash 11-22-95 (fwd)

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Here are selected part of AMDX-Flashback. I removed those Newfoundland
logs because we have had those here in hard-core-dx already.

Risto Kotalampi

                 WELCOME TO THE AM-DX NEWSFLASH - November 22 1995
  Deadline for next issue = Thursday, November 30 1995 @ 2300 UTC (1600 PDT)
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                     A         MM    MM     NN    N     FFFFFFF
                    A A        M M  M M     N N   N     F
                   AAAAA       M  MM  M     N  N  N     FFFF
                  A     A      M      M     N   N N     F
                 A       A     M      M     N    NN     F
 CPC DX tests summary
 For anyone interested, here's a reminder of upcoming DX tests from IRCA and
 NRC.  If anyone has any additions or corrections, please contact me.
 Please note:  Also, the QSL addresses for these stations are posted in  All times EST.
      11/27/95 Mon - 0000-0030 -  730 - WJYM - Perrysburg, OH  (IRCA)
      12/ 3/95 Sun - 0100-0115 -  690 - HCJB - Quito, Ecuador
      12/ 4/95 Mon - 0130-0230 - 1460 - WIXN - Dixon, IL  (IRCA)
      12/11/95 Mon - 0000-0030 - 1590 - WPWA - Aston, PA  (IRCA)
      12/17/95 Sun - 0030-0100 - 1350 - WGDN - Gladwin, MI  (IRCA)
      12/18/95 Mon - 0100-0130 -  770 - WCGW - Versailles, KY  (IRCA)
                   - 0230-0300 -  590 - WVLK - Lexington, KY  (IRCA)
      12/30/95 Mon - 0200-0400 - 1170 - CKGY - Red Deer, AB  (IRCA)
       1/ 8/96 Mon - 0100-0130 - 1340 - WOOW - Greenville, NC  (IRCA)
                   - 0130-0200 -  590 - WARM - Wilkes-Barre, PA  (IRCA)
 Please remember, what's listed as being on, say, Monday "may" be what you
 consider Sunday night!
 If you try for (or hear) any of these tests, PLEASE post a message letting me
 know!  Also, for brevity's sake, I didn't post the QSL addresses; if you need
 these, let me know!
 Lynn Hollerman - Huntsville AL - Ircacpc@xxxxxxx
 Geomagnetic Summary November 16 1995 through November 21 1995
  Tabulated from WWV at ~0500 GMT nightly
    GEO - Geomagnetic activity     pca - polar cap absorption
    maf - major flare              SA  - Solar Activity
    mas - major storm              spe - satellite proton event
    mis - minor storm              ss  - severe storm
 Date    FLUX    A    K    SA          GEO                 OTHER
 11/16    76     3    3    low         quiet-unsettled     -
    17    75     4e   2    very low    quiet               -
    18    75     5    2    very low    quiet               -
    19    74    10    0    very low    quiet-unsettled     -
    20    73     4    2    very low    quiet-unsettled     -
 11/21    73     2    1    very low    quiet               -
 phil Bytheway - Seattle WA:  phil_bytheway@xxxxxxx
 Loggings from Carlo Sgro, Waterloo, Ontario using GE SR2 - csgro@xxxxxxxxxxx
  740   WRPQ   Baraboo, WI; Nov 20 0435; Poor with Rod Stewart and Elton John
               songs; ID heard faintly; CBL off for maint. (6 watts power
               according to '95 NRC Log!)
 1500   KSTP   St. Paul, MN; Nov 14 0905; Good with ID as "AM1500 KSTP"; talk
               about getting an NHL team into Minnesota  and how it seems to be
               artificially driven by the need for big money
 1550   KQWB   West Fargo, ND; Nov 14 0000; Poor with "Sports Byline" before
               and after news on hour; Ad for Dakota Tire in Fargo; QRM from
               CBE in Windsor
 Paul Mount - NJ  PMountNJ@xxxxxxx
 some unIDs from November to ask about:
 1380 "WCTL" with mention of FM 93, this overnight on 11/13
 1420 "WTKI Huntsville" legal ID...but they're on 1450, this at 5pm
 1470 Legal ID mentions 3 cities, the last one is "Gardiner" - likely target
       is WLAM Lewiston ME, anyone know if they include Gardiner in the ID?
 1580 "Oldies 1580" likely SE United States around 1800 EST
 Thanks PRM-NJ
 Loggings from Chula Vista, CA (all times ELT):
  610  KAVL  CA, Lancaster  11/20 0300  Noted with slogan "Sports Radio 6-10". 
              Some station on 610.6 causing het.  (TRH-CA)
  680  UNID, 11/16 0653 Was looking for WPTF due to good conditions, got UNID
              talk station u/KNBR for a few minutes.  (TRH-CA)
  680  MEXICO, UNID  11/16 0657 XE anthem.  (TRH-CA)
  680  MEXICO, XELG Leon  11/20 0307  Good through KNBR with ID by man.  Seldom
              heard due to XESON.  (TRH-CA)
  690  MEXICO, XETRA Tijuana  Still taking silent periods, about two nights per
              week, mostly between 0500-0700, but was off at 0303 MM 11/20
              leaving UNID "La Tambora Digital".  (TRH-CA)
  740  MEXICO, XEQN Torreon?  11/19 0716 I'm hearing the "R. Capullo" slogans
              too, no ID yet though.  (TRH-CA)
  960  CFAC  AB, Calgary  11/15 0817 Fair through KOOL w/ads, ID.  Rare here. 
 1000  MEXICO, XEFV Cd. Juarez  11/21 0649 Station was already on, so listed
              0700 s/on is no longer correct.  Don't know yet if this one is
              24h, but signal seems to have improved.  (TRH-CA)
 1010  KKGZ, CO, Brush  11/21 0708-0800, 11/22 0700  Noted with local
              progamming (mostly weather reports) and farm market reports from
              the Brownfield Network.  //KSIR-FM per ID.  New, CO #51. (TRH-CA)
 1010  MEXICO, UNIDs  Still trying for XETX, have noted all kinds of XE anthems
              this week between 0657 and 0705.  One of the stations is unneeded
              XELO, the other(s) may include needed XETX.  Quickly lost due to
              interference and fading.  Also noted an XE anthem at 0757 UTC
              11/16, probably unneeded XEWS.  (TRH-CA).
 1020  KDKA  PA, Pittsburgh  11/21 0652 Good, alone on channel with men reading
              news, lots of IDs.  KTNQ, and maybe also KCKN, running OC at the
              time.  One-time event, or does this mean KCKN is no longer NSP? 
 1230  KYVA?  NM, Gallup  11/15 0628  Tentative with ID by man which sounded
              like "Sports Talk Radio, KYVA".  Don't remember them having this
              format.  Was most unsure of third letter in calls. Any other
              ideas?  (TRH-CA)
 1470  (KLCL)  LA, Lake Charles  11/20 0330  No trace of them on DX test. 
              Really thought this one would make it rather easily.  (TRH-CA)
 1490  KCUZ,  AZ, Clifton  11/22 0600  Caught ID "99.1 KFMM Thatcher and AM
              14-90 KCUZ Clifton." Formerly rare, now semi-regular.  (TRH-CA)
 (TRH-CA)  Tim Hall, Chula Vista, CA  (MSNL77A@xxxxxxxxxxx)  Sony ICF-2010,
              KIWA Loop
 If you note any AM changes (call, format, slogan, etc), please send them to
 the NRC Log coordinator (Wayne Heinen) @ nrclog@xxxxxxxxxxxx and the IRCA
 Almanac coordinator:  Rich Toebe, 2550 Hilborn Rd  #34, Fairfield CA
 IRCA's MEXICAN LOG coordinator is Chris Knight.  If you note any changes in
 Mexican radio, please drop him a note at:  cgknight@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
 END of November 22 1995 "AM DX NewsFlash"   phil_bytheway@xxxxxxx

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