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COSTA RICA - Faro del Caribe TIFC 9644.6 is generating 2 spurs, 9538.3 and
 9751.3 both roughly 106.5 kHz from the fundamental, both also vary slightly,
 (Trummel MO Nov16 @ 2043)

 9538.3 COSTA RICA, spur of TIFC 9644.6, in SP @ 2043 (Trummel MO 11/16)
 9751.3 COSTA RICA, spur of TIFC 9644.6, in SP @ 2043 (Trummel MO 11/16)

UNID - 9691.0 @ 2048, very weak but something is there, hrd OM Ancr but never
       long enough to ID lang. (Trummel MO Nov16)
       9692.0 @ 2019 I'm assuming this is the same station again, better 2day
       but audio is very distorted, traces of music, OM Ancr, if this is a
       harmonic, possibilities are 2x 4846v or 3x 3230v. (Trummel MO Nov22)

Machines: "Classic" Collins R-391/URR & Drake R-4B with a full Xtal deck
Wires: 4-30 MHz Multiband Sloper, 20M Vertical, 250' Longwire, 2' MW Box Loop
Stuff I Built That Worked: Antenna Tuner, Preselector, HamComm Interface
Accessories: Radio Shack DSP-40, Pro60 Headphones, Tape Control Center, Clock
             Sony CFS-1030 Amp & Speakers, TC-WR535 Dual Cassette Deck
Bit Box: 386SX 33000.0 kHz, GeoClock v7.0, HamComm v3.0, MaxFind v3.3 & Edit
QTH: (37.12N 93.17W) Springfield, "The Show-Me State" Missouri, USA

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