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Re: Loggings

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Here are a few loggings made from the Coorong in South Australia.

Dave Onley. Coorong, South Australia. (150km Sth/East of Adelaide) Nov 9-15
Drake-R7 &  400m Bev towards Southern Europe.

540  1849  RRI Bandung. Fair w/MA in  Indon. suffering from c/c 7SD.   
549  1753  Les Trembles AA w/FA. 1st time in a while at fair level. 
549  1854  CNR Fujian. Taiwan-1. CC program w/traditional folk tunes.
558  1904  DZXL Makati. Fast talking MA in Tagalog. Fair signal over Aussie. 
576  1857  RM Oyash. Mayak.S. Instrumental mx leading up to 1900 ID & IS. 
621  1907  Batra. Fair under 3RN in AA. MA/FA in conversation. 
666  1910  DZRH Navotas. MA w/telephone call from YL in Tagalog.
666  1922  St Pierre, Reunion. Fair at times w/FF program of mx & talk. 
675  1143  Nei Menggu-CH. Some great Autonomous CC mx at fair level. 
684  1717  CNR Fujian. Taiwan-2. CC chat & folk mx. Strong level.   
783  1052  8AL Alice Springs. Aussie Rules match between Magpies & ? 
819  1228  DYVL Taclobin. Jingles/laughter/chatter in Tagalog. Fair. 
819  1130  Shanxi. 1st prgr. FA  w/CC talk. At times mixing with DYVL. 
846  1915  DZNN Quezon City. Good w/R.Veritas program. mixing w/Aussie 
846  1826  Nyamninia (Kenya) tent: Mixing at times w/2RN. Male in Swahili
           w/muffled modulation. Afro mx. Very hard  to ID with // SW
           National svce. 
855  1224  RRI Mataram. Excellent  all week w/Indon pops & talk. 
855  1230  DZGE Naga City. FA & MA at poor level with constant chat. 
873  1914  RM Novosemeykino. First time ever heard. Male &  female in RR
           at strong level. Appeared to be chatting about Israel.
909  1238  DYLA Cebu City. Huge all week  with talk/mx in Cebuano.  
927  1953  TRT-1 Izmir. Big over 3UZ w/Burasi ID on hour. Turkish mx & talk.
936  1503  AIR Tiruchirapalli A. Good  all week w/Indian folk mx, talk & nx.
945  1434  CNR-2 Beijing. Classical mx & FA in CC. OK at times. 
945  1448  AIR Sambalpur. Nightly w/Indian folk mx & chatter. EE at times 
945  1509  Tronoh (Malaysia) Soft spoken FA then trad mx. Poor.  
954  1704  RRI Kendari. Monster at times w/nx then Indon pops. 
954  1815  Al Arish. AA talk program. MA at fair level. Not noted for a
           while in Eastern Oz. 
999  1630  RRI Jakarta. Regular spoil sport level. Indon pops & talk.   
1008 1922  RRI Median. The poorer of the Indons. Pop tunes & mix w/Tassie 
1017 1923  TRT-1 Mundanya/Instanbul. //927. Big w/TT commentary  & mx. 
1080 1935  Katowice. Personal 1st for Poland. Took a  few mornings to ID.
           Heard w/Polish & classical/Instrumental mx.
1188 1245  Unid Philippines. MA in Tagalog for lengthy periods.Thought that
           sunrise reception would produce result but nothing heard.
           Will wait.. 
1179 1928  RSI Solvesborg. Here every morning under 3RPH w/Interval signal
           heard clearly..  Mixing with other European.. Worth investigating. 
1206 1930  RRI Denpasar. Not as strong as on previous visits. Indon play. 
1215 1248  DYRF Cebu City. Big with lots of chatter in Cebuano. Nightly. 
1233 1847  RMC Cape Greco. Biggest OS signal into Oz. AA/FF programs.
1251 1946  Dubai. UAE. Good at times in AA. MX &  talk. 
1260 1938  VOA Rhodes. Mixing with Shepparton. Often peaking  over the top
           of 3SR. Clear VOA ID's heard at 1945 in presume Turkish. Jazz. 
1269 1938  Novi Sad-1. Good at times in Serbian w/mx & political chat. 
1278 1936  Kermanshah (Iran) Fair w/Middle Eastern mx & Farsi talk.
1287 1934  RFE Melnik/Litomysl. Fair w/MA in Slovak. Classical mx.  
1296 1317  CRI Beijing. MA & FA in EE F/S  broadcast.  Fair at  times.  
1359 1704  BEC33 Hualien. CC folk tunes & chat. 
1359 1842  Batra. Huge signal.. Non stop classical mx & AA talk..   
1368 1930  Krakow. Another highlight  w/Polish talk & Instrumental  mx. 
1386 1901  Nyeri, Kenya. Surprised at the monster level of this. EE MA/FA
           w/talk on Kenyan water supplies. Stronger on MW than SW  //.
1404 1927  Rasht, Iran. Approaching the end of Teheran's Turkish pgm. Fair
           at  times over 2PK w/mx & MA. Also mixed w/Romania.
1404 1926  Sighet, Romania. Romania Actualitai pgm. Fair/poor. 
1410 0926  CFUN Vancouver. Massive signal for the Coorong w/EZL tunes &
           countless ID's. Hung in there for hours. 
1413 1845  BBC Masirah Island. Local level each morning.. Here in Persian 
1431 1941  Kopani. R.Ukraine Int. Fair  w/Instrumental mx & FA. 
1440 1941  Dammam. Usual barnstorming signal in AA. MA & mx  
1458 1943  AIR Bhagalpur. Here each morning w/EE nx & Indian affairs.
1476 1712  Dubai, UAE. Strong at times in AA. M/eastern mx &  talk  
1494 1925  Al Karanah. MA in AA. Middle Eastern mx.. here each morning 
1512 1945  Jeddah. Strong  w/AA MA & Mx. Regular. 
1521 1903  Duba.  Another strong Middle Eastern w/AA mx &  talk. 
1530 2001  VOA Sao Tome. Not as strong as on previous visits. Here mixing
           with Vatican & 2VM. EE nx. 
1539 1947  Sadiyat. UAE. MA w/AA at  fair level. Here each morning.  
1544 1912  V.O.Sahara. Fair w/AA commentary/politics. 
1611 1846  Vatican City. FA in Latvian w/relig pgm. Good each morning. 

Finally found out that 1359 kHz turned out to be a new 450kw transmitter
in Batra Egypt.. Thanks to the NRC & Jim Renfrew.. Good onya Jim..

Dave Onley   donley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

SPUD (South Pacific Union Of Dxers Inc)
P.O. Box 293 Coburg, Victoria, 3058, AUSTRALIA.

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