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Hello DX friends,

A couple of logs...

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC   5033,8   Radiodiff. Television Centrafricaine,
Bangui   1821-1912   French talk (news?), short music bridges, Afro music,
tentative ID, frequent mentions of Bangui, TS. SINPO 24343, later S3/4.
(Veldhuis JUL 7)

UGANDA   5026,0   Radio Uganda, Kampala   1916-       English news, music.
Heavy UTE-QRM. SINPO: 32432   (Veldhuis JUL 7)

ZIMBABWE   4828,0   ZBC, Gweru   1754-1810   Jazz music, English
announcements, news. SINPO: 24422   (Veldhuis JUL 7)

Maybe some more tonight.....

Receiver used: JRC NRD-535
Antenna: 12 meter longwire with MLB.

Kind regards,

Mark Veldhuis.
E-mail: mark.veldhuis@xxxxxx
WWW: http://www.tip.nl/users/mark.veldhuis 

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