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to hard-core-dx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:

Hello DX friends,

Here are some loggings from me again. Couldn't post them earlier, as I had
problems connecting to my Internet provider....

BOLIVIA   4471,8   Radio Movima, Santa Ana de Yacuma   Nice Bolivian songs,
Spanish announcements, ID. SINPO: 24333   (Veldhuis JUL 8)

BRAZIL   11814,8   Radio Brazil Central, Goiania   2133-2200   Portuguese
sports report, jingles, excited announcer (sometimes really shouting).
SINPO: 24422, but at 2157, RAI Rome began transmitting on 11815,0 kHz with
IS, then Englsig program at 2200 UTC.   (Velhuis JUL 7)

INDONESIA   3224,8   RRI, Tanjung Pinang   2255-2300   Indonesian talk, Song
of the Coconut Island at 2257 UTC, ID. SINPO: 22342   (Veldhuis JUL 7)
            4003,2   RRI, Padang   2303-2317   Indonesian talk, Love Ambon,
ballad. SINPO: 22332   (Velhuis JUL 7)

NAMIBIA   3289,9   NBC, Windhoek   2245-2252   Easy pops, English
announcements, ID: "National Radio". //3270 kHz. SINPO: 34343   (Veldhuis JUL 7)

PARAGUAY   9737,4   Radio Nacional del Paraguay, Asuncion   2220-2230
Spanish songs, time check, ID, flute music. Very strong, SINPO: 44444
(Veldhuis JUL 7)

UNID   3339,9   Weak LA here 0039-0100, with music and talk in presumably
Spanish. Radio Altura, Cerro de Pascu, Peru? Gone at re-check 0107 UTC.
(Veldhuis JUL 8)

Receivers used here: JRC NRD-535, Lowe HF-150, Sony SW-ICF7600G
Antenna: 12 meter longwire with MLB.

Kind regards,

Mark Veldhuis.
E-mail: mark.veldhuis@xxxxxx
WWW: http://www.tip.nl/users/mark.veldhuis 

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