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[Fwd: radio list]

I am still suffering for some reason an inability to receive at my
location any Pacific Pngs,Indonesians,etc during early mornings...Is it
that this is their summer soltice and therefore I gotta listen more like
at my local 0300,rather than my local 0600?Or are conditions just
crappy?????.......Also want to note that today is anniversary of John
Lennons assination,Dec 8,1980.His songs are played on radio stations
EVERWHERE in the world!I have read that he also enjoyed listening to
world band radio when he lived in New York!...Tom Messer
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Mexico-Radio Mil-6010khz.(Dec.8)1210-1240 UTC,Playing Mexican pop,clear
St IDs. at 1226&1239 UTC.Signal quite good,fading at local sunrises!No
Interference.Passport World Band Radio says this is an irregular
station?....Tom Messer

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