Re: UNID british RSL on 1386
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Re: UNID british RSL on 1386

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>today I've heard an UNID british RSL station on 1386 kHz. Around 0740 with a
>selection of Oldies from the 60ies. Extremely weak, SINPO 15441. The
>Wiltshire based RSL-station Radio Fantasy should operate in December on 1386.
>So it might have been Fantasy. Was anybody in Britain listening to 1386 at
>that time?
>Martin Elbe
>Wolfsburg, Germany

I checked 1386 kHz and heard Fantasy Radio from Devizes very weakly S 0-1
from 1050-1205 GMT. By 1205 Russia had faded up and then drowned out
Fantasy. Seemed to be pop records, adverts and Independent Radio News.

I'm in West London, so quite some distance for a groundwave rsl. AOR 7030 &
1 metre loop + preamp.