ILG from Bernd Friedewald
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ILG from Bernd Friedewald

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Hi everybody,

I like to start a little discussion here. As maybe some of you have noted Bernd Friedewald is active again with his International Listening Guide (see This used to be a printed publication, some years back, but now it's a full electronic survey.

I used to have a printed version and it looked quite all right. Clear graphics, lots of codes which you have to get used to and it seemed complete. But something then and now bothers me: it is so complete, it's almost scary. The lists contains virtually everything there is on SW broadcasting bands, lots of info you won't find anywhere else.

And that's where my problem is. If you can't find it anywhere else, how can Bernd Friedewald get all this info in his hand, publish it and make money off it. I mean, there is info which the WRTH doesn't even have. I know how the WRTH is compiled and they have lots of problems even getting official info. As reference I know they do a near perfect job.

Want an example? I'm kind of a China buff myself, so if I look at the China entries I see tx-locations and tx-powers for ALL entries. This info hasn't been around for years and the Chinese government is certainly not going to reveal this kind of info to anybody, official or private citizen or organization.

I like to keep an open mind though and just hear your opinions and experiences with Mr. Bernd Friedewald. Maybe he has super contacts and can get info no-one else can get. Maybe he has a network of reporters. Maybe he's a cheat. What do you think?

Hans van den Boogert