Re: real sense of "DX"
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Re: real sense of "DX"

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>A listing of what was heard by a group of foreign DX'ers and FK in Hune in
>January this year appeared in SWN no. 3 1996 page 22. In this list WWL did
>NOT appear. So its rather awkward you now claim to have heard the
>But congrats if you did. Why not travel to northern Scandinavia instead -
>then you can hear even more. When your're in Northern Finland you're
>almost there.
>I am - however - not too interested in what is being heard on these
>DXpeditions. It's really no big deal. If you want to hear Cuba on medium
>wave go to Jamaica. Fair enough. I'd love to go to Cuba and listen to the
>radio there - but don't call it DXing - and by all means do not send
>reception reports to the stations you're hearing.
>To "DX" is to listen to distant radiostations from your home. To "DX" is -
>to the best of my opinion - not to travel more or less close to a given
>station and then listen to it. So if you want to hear WWL or other trans
>atlantic stations why not try to catch them in Germany.

Sorry, Stig Hartvig, but in my opionion this is nonsense. Not because of
fairness to DXers who live in countries which does not offer such good
condx as the Scandinavian countries do. You can DX from any part of the
world - I have been to Jamaica several times. Listening to Cuban stations
of course was no DX, but several other signals were real hard catches.
And I do not think I have to be ashamed that I did sent reception reports
to some easy catches, too. Of course the receiving location was mentioned
in the reports, so the stations were free to decide whether they wanted to
accept a report from a "neighbour".

Dxing from a distant location (related to your home qth) means to learn
about propagation in general, to get a new perspective what is unimportant
or important to log at a given time - especially on AM, of course. Some
signals had been audible for just 20 minutes a day. And finding out the
differences between receiving locations on some places all over the island
was something the average radio listener would surely not even think of...

I do not want to miss those experiences, which I call "DXing".

73 - Willi

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