DXpedition Book status
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DXpedition Book status

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(Mark Connelly, WA1ION)

Chuck Hutton, Steve Whitt, and I have expressed an interest
in consolidating many diverse loggings into a book entitled 
"Autumn 1996: Season of DXpeditions" (or something similar).
Distribution via disk is also being contemplated.  The
National Radio Club and the Medium Wave Circle will (most
likely) be the agents of distribution in the Americas and
Europe respectively.

These are the selected Autumn 1996 (23 SEP - 20 DEC) 
logs that I have at the moment:

File Ref.	| Contents
========.===	| ========
1C961118.LOG	| Oak Hill / Gainesville, FL: early NOV: Crawford
AX961118.LOG	| Valhalla Beach, MB: early NOV: Axelrod / McRae
BD961005.LOG	| Wallingford, PA: early OCT: Dangerfield (home)
BK961101.LOG	| Chamberlain, ME: late OCT: Krepp
BP961204.LOG	| Ocean City State Park, WA: mid NOV: Portzer / Hutton
CANAV96.LOG	| Canaveral National Seashore, FL: early DEC: Crawford / Krueger
/ Merrill
CN961012.LOG	| Jordan River, BC: early OCT: Newell / Hall-Patch
CN961201.LOG	| Hawaii: early NOV: Newell 
DO961112.LOG	| Woodside, Australia: early NOV: Onley / Headland
DX961001.LOG	| Marshfield/Rockport/W. Yarmouth, MA: late SEP: Connelly 
DX961009.LOG	| Rowley, MA: early OCT: Connelly 
DX961025.LOG	| Rockport/W. Yarmouth, MA: late OCT: Connelly
DX961118.LOG	| eastern MA (4 sites): early/mid NOV (// NFDX period): Connelly
DX961209.LOG	| Cape Cod, MA (2 sites): late NOV / early DEC: Connelly
JB961020.LOG	| St. John's, NF: early/mid OCT: Burnell (home)
NW961211.LOG	| Coe Hill, ON: early DEC: Wolfish
PO961104.LOG	| New Zealand: OCT: Ormandy et al. (includes "Longpath Lunacy")
RC961020.HC	| Liguria, Italy: mid OCT: Cotroneo / Lawendel
SM961024.HC	| Zoldo Alto, Italy: late OCT: Mannelli 
TK961101.LOG	| Clearwater, FL: OCT / early NOV: Krueger (home)
TK961118.LOG	| Clearwater, FL: NOV: Krueger (home)

As a bare minimum, I expect to have the logs from the following DX 
outings soon:

File Ref.	| Contents
========.===	| ========
         	| Cappahayden, NF: early/mid NOV: 7 DXers "THE BIG ONE !"
        	| Sheigra, Scotland: late OCT / NOV: Whitt et al.
		| Rosmuc-Galway, Ireland: NOV ?: DXers ?
		| Spain: ??: Molano et al.

I'm not sure what the usually-active Scandinavian crowd has been
up to.

If any of you can forward these or other loggings made during
the autumn 1996 time frame, please do so.  The book's emphasis
will be on medium-wave international loggings made from non-
home locations, but all reports are of some interest (and may 
be included in part or in toto) even if non-MW loggings or logs
of stations from non-DXpedition sites (e.g. from one's home).
"Musings" about propagation conditions, unusual catches, etc. are
also welcome.

Some slight editing of reports may be done for stylistic 
consistency (e.g. dates/times in UTC and in the same format), 
spelling correction, etc.  

Additional information may be taken from reports in DX News,
Medium Wave News, and other publications when they shed light
on unID's, parallel channels, and otherwise-unreported MW DX
international catches of above-average interest.

Another effort - likely a Herculean one - will be updating the
Parallel Frequencies list that Bruce Conti and I put together
after the OCT 1995 Newfoundland DXpedition.  All of the recent
activity has given us a whole new crop of shortwave and medium-
wave parallels to load onto the list.