Re: DXpedition Book status
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Re: DXpedition Book status

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On Fri, 13 Dec 1996 MarkWA1ION@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Chuck Hutton, Steve Whitt, and I have expressed an interest
> in consolidating many diverse loggings into a book entitled 
> "Autumn 1996: Season of DXpeditions" (or something similar).

> I'm not sure what the usually-active Scandinavian crowd has been
> up to.

There has been a non-stop DXpedition in the famous Lemmenjoki (Love River) 
site in Northern Finland since late September and it will continue until
late January at least. Roughly 20-25 DXers have already participated or
are still to go up there. I will be in Lemmenjoki from Jan. 4th to 11th

As usual, numerous AM stations previously unheard in Europe have been
logged. Unfortunately most of the participants don't have e-mail, so the
logs have not appeared in any mailing lists nor www-pages. However, all
the Lemmenjoki logs have been published or will be published in the
magazine "DXclusive". You might want to contact editor-in-chief Jarmo
Havukunnas (e-mail: havukunn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) to discuss reprint
possibilities. Lemmenjoki logs should definitely be included, if you
intend to make a comprehensive list. 

A list of all AM stations heard in Finland (naturally including the
Lemmenjoki logs) is annually published in printed form under the title
"Suomen keskiaaltotilasto". The latest issue (48 pages) was published in
August and covers AM stations heard from June 1995 to June 1996. Those
interested should contact editor Jarmo Havukunnas. 


Mika Makelainen, Finland	-        E-mail:  mtm@xxxxxxxxx