Re: DXpedition Book status
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Re: DXpedition Book status

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On Fri, 13 Dec 1996 MarkWA1ION@xxxxxxx wrote:

> The book's emphasis
> will be on medium-wave international loggings made from non-
> home locations, but all reports are of some interest (and may 
> be included in part or in toto) even if non-MW loggings or logs
> of stations from non-DXpedition sites (e.g. from one's home).
> "Musings" about propagation conditions, unusual catches, etc. are
> also welcome.
Great idea !

For me, the next DX pedition is already being planned:

Hawaii # 2    and/or  Europe #1  in the Fall of 1997..

hopefully another season of great radio adventure..

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colin newell