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RE: EA-MW list

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>Junk in my mailbox.  How many have the software necessary to make
>this file useful?  It took me seven minutes to download and its
>useless to me.
>73 - Rich D'Angelo
> 21 December 1996
>If it really takes you seven minutes to download a 44 kb e-mail then you
>better start talking to your ISP or upgrade your 2400 bps modem. As for
>the file format: never heard of Windows? Happens to be a world standard,
>you know?
>Rich, I've seen your name a lot and value you as an honest DXer. However,
>your comments here disappoint me as they show no tolerance at all. You
>subscribe to a newsgroup about radio, then you know you will still get
>things not useful to you. But to many others they are usuful and readable.
>And at least they come from people with a passion for radio, not the
>commercial junk mail I get from people I don't even know, but know me
>because my ISP sold my address.
>Hans van den Boogert

I agree with Rich ... .WRI files are useless without Windows ... and NO IT
IS NOT A WORLD STANDARD !!!!!! and will never be thank goodness ... some
people remain intelligent independent thinkers.

The list could be just as useful in a .TXT or .RTF format, which is a far
more world standard than .WRI will ever be, and is readable in multiple
word processors on multiple platforms.

Mark Hattam