RE: EA-MW list
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RE: EA-MW list

Junk in my mailbox.  How many have the software necessary to make
this file useful?  It took me seven minutes to download and its
useless to me.

73 - Rich D'Angelo
 21 December 1996

If it really takes you seven minutes to download a 44 kb e-mail then you better start talking to your ISP or upgrade your 2400 bps modem. As for the file format: never heard of Windows? Happens to be a world standard, you know?

Rich, I've seen your name a lot and value you as an honest DXer. However, your comments here disappoint me as they show no tolerance at all. You subscribe to a newsgroup about radio, then you know you will still get things not useful to you. But to many others they are usuful and readable. And at least they come from people with a passion for radio, not the commercial junk mail I get from people I don't even know, but know me because my ISP sold my address.

Hans van den Boogert