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Re: EA-MW list

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Hi friends

I just want to spend a few words concerning the reactions about EA-MW posted  by our
friend Mauricio Molano some days ago.

I live in central Europe and such a list is for me a very important  information source
and helps me a lot  in MW dxing. I think everyone if free to use or not this list. 
I work with different computer systems and have no problems reading or importing a WRI file. 
If I would have problems doing that I would ask Mauricio or other DX friends to convert that file for me.
In my opinion that is the way we should work together.
I think the spirit of DXing and of this dx-list should allow much more flexibility and tolerance with all members
belonging to the DXer community. It ist just a hobby, a wonderful hobby. 
I could also be disapointed about al the reports concerning North American MW tests regularly posted. 
But I am not! I just ignore them because I am not equipped for TA MW DXing at the moment. 
Maybe I will be interested in such reports in the future, maybe not, who knows. 
But I would never say such reports are useless!

If downloading a 44kB file really takes 7 minutes then I can understand the disapointment about that. 
On the other hand I think this has nothing to do with the EA-List of Mauricio. Internet is not
a replacement for a TELEX system where only plain text is transported. In the future we will have more pictures and sound files attached to e-mails. This is the NORMAL technical evolution of Internet. 
So Rich, take into consideration to update your computer equipment or at least your Internet access speed 
or provider. 

I think it would be a pitty if Mauricio would stop posting his EA-MW list in the future.

A very good new year 1997

Giovanni D'Amico

PS: If someone should have a problem with a WRI file please let me know I am able to convert the file in 
      almost any wished format. 

       Sorry for my poor english.