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Re: EA-MW list

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Mauricio Molano wrote:

> Thirdly: I don't want problems. So, don't worry. You are not going to have
> more "junk" in your e-mailbox.
> Thank's.
> Happy new year.
> M. Molano.


Your list of Spanish MW stations is most appreciated!  For European
DX-ers, your 
list is definitely NOT junk mail. I find it very useful when trying to
updated information on Spanish MW stations, like last time when I found
the new address
of Radio Las Palmas (my previous reception report was returned, now I
can send a
new one thanks to your list) + a new transmitter on 963 kHz for the
Radio Euskadi network. Neither of this information was given in the

So, please continue updating your list and please continue posting it
here on hard-core-dx!!! 


Best regards from Norway & Happy New Year!

Arild Skalmeraas

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