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Re: EA-MW list

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> MarkWA1ION@xxxxxxx .... and others wrote

>  Don't be dissuaded from further submissions
>to hard-core because of a handful of DXers with outmoded computers and

I hope people will take Giovani up on his kind offer to convert these
formatted files.

    A better solution would be to post the item in text format in the first
place. Then it would not have to be converted and re-posted to the entire
list; thus wasting bandwidth. Most E-mail lists have text-only conventions,
just like most Usenet groups. Why would you want to exclude anyone?

    The guy with the slow download may be stuck on some Kermit server, or
can't afford a new modem. There are too many people with 'computer geek'
mentality in this hobby. They think that everyone has the same level of
software /service they do.

    This is the wrong type of evolution. Just imagine how good this list
could be if we had hundreds of dxers in the third world with old computers
and modems. I bet one of them could answer my Unid on 5210 that none of you
hotshots did.

    For most people, the computer is a tool, not a hobby. I have better
things to do with my time/money than waste it on advanced computer service.


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