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I think Larry Russell made a very good point. The strength of the 
Internet is its ability to distribute information quickly and 
cheaply. But, if the information is sent in a format that is either

a.) only in the possession of a few with the latest equipment  or

b.) has a learning curve that makes using the software itself a 
hobby (rather than a tool in pursuit of another hobby)

then the strength of the Internet is lost.  You may have the best 
equipment and the interest in learning how to use many different 
programs. But, if you want the greatest number of people to make use 
of the information you provide, then you have to provide it in an 
easily and widely usable form.  I access the web through a 3 
megabyte/second line at my university. However, I constructed my 
website to be as friendly as possible to 14.4k modems because I 
realized that I was the exception.

Don Moore   moore@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Davenport, Iowa, USA