Loggings from northern BC
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Loggings from northern BC

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My family spent a week over Christmas on the Queen Charlotte Islands, at
Masset, B.C., just below the Alaska panhandle.  Argueably, one of the best
DX sites in the world.  In fact the Canadian Armed Forces/USN maintain one
of their "elephant cage" direction finding antenna's, built there about
1970.  It is in the process of being fully automated.  From a peak strength
of some 300 servicemen, there will remain a skeleton staff of some 30 souls
by this April.  The Canadian military has maintained a communications site
in Masset since WW II.  While there, I erected a 1500 foot non-terminated
beverage aimed 15 degrees over Europe and East Africa, across a salt water
slough ( the original site of a listening post), as well as two 500 footers
in the town itself.  I used a borrowed Sony 2010.

11905  R Thailand, with a heavilly accented male taking about Xmas, then
into sports news.  Good/vgd at 0050  (24/12)

9730  tent SLBC very weak, but in the clear.  Better later at 01:36 some pop
music heard, but too weak to hear talk .  Poor (24/12)

7150 RUI EE with gd/vgd reception at 0104.  //5915 fr/gd.  ??7180 vpr,
??7205 under coch VOA EE.  (24/12)

7115  R Yugoslavia, easilly overpowering ute coch.  EE at 0112.  exc (24/12)

5930 R Slovakia Intl.  EE report by YL vpr.  //7300 not better, and 9440 not
heard (24/12)

4950 tent R Kashmir, srinigar with Indian music. poor (24/12)

4820 AIR Calcutta Strong modn and good strength at 18:24 (10:34 am local),
with Indian music.  (24/12)

4800 Lesotho fr strength, YL tk.  18:28 (24/12)

4890 ? Gabon strong carrier and audio, with modern pop music 18:35 (24/12)

4902 ?SLBC on late due to full moon.  1840.  weak (24/12)

4940 SLBC 18:48 Indian type music, and talk in EE.  Colombo heard.  Presume
this is the Comm Svce, on all day due to the full moon!!  (24/12)

5009.5  presumed Madagascar, with // 3357.9 both very weak at 18:45 (24/12)
    Madagascar, along with Lesotho both seem to be the best Africans heard
regularly on the BC Coast.

5015  Vladivostok.  Strong carrier, and tone at 1855.  at 1900 "Govorit
Vladivostok", then IS on Xylophone, then into RS Tikhy Okean programming.
Very good reception, but modulation could be a bit louder.  (24/12)

6160 CKZU, Vancouver with superb reception at 00:15 with Little Drummer Boy

9700 R Bulgaria at 22:35 vgd in EE with Xmas greetings from listeners.  weak
co-ch in EE.  //7390 poor (25/12)

9950  AIR Delhi powerful signal at 22:47 //9705 weakly heard under coch,
with Indian music (25/12)

7550 "This is Radio Free Asia.  The following program is in Tibetan".  pr/fr
at 2300.  (25/12)

7150  Radio Ukraine International in Ukrainian.  Powerful signal ( compared
to a very weak signal the previous day). //5915 fair.  Ukraine is not an
easy catch on the west coast, since the demise of their relay agreements
with Russia for their FE relays.In general reception of Ukraine has been
much better this winter, compared to last. (26/12)

9568.4  R BanglaDesh (forgot its new name).  presumed with AA style music.
loud het from 9570.  fr/god at 23:13 (26/12).

7415 RFA in Tibetan. fr with echoey signal.  //7550 good, with no echo.
Presume different sites, though in sync.  23:22 (26/12)

5895  Croation R in Croation at 23:24, good reception //7165 fr.  (26/12)

6070 CFRX at 0027 with call-in show, excellent  (27/12)

5890 unid.  was expecting R Vilnius, but found a relig bx in EE instead.
6120 is a mess with numerous coch at 0030.  (27/12)

9955  WRMI.  Hardly ever heard on the w coast, but heard at 00:36 in
English, with fair signal.  (27/12)

4970 AIR Shillong at 00:40 with excellent signal, Indian mx.  (27/12)

7250  AIR GOA.  Superb strength.  IS, and ID into Nepali  at 0128 (27/12)

6155 R Romania Intl IS heard at 01:57 to 02:00 fr IS heard again at 03:58
vpr (27/12)

5905 R Budapest at 02:02 with good/vgd signal about Hungarian/Celtic !!!
music. (27/12)

4635  R Dushanbe with local lang at 02:05., IS/ID at 02:15.  No Russian
heard this night. good signal (27/12)  Another regularly heard station on
the BC coast.

5940  Voice of Vietnam via Russia, fair to good in EE at 02:10 (27/12)

4950  (t) Tashkent, central Asian style music.  IS x 2 at 0229, then talk by
YL.  good (27/12)

3356  R Botswana with cow bells/whistle IS at 0250 gd/vgd //4820, 7255, and
9640 all weaker.  (27/12)

6055 RWANDA IS (a rumbling sound, with occ whistling) until 03:01:20, then
NA, then French/?Swahili?/English ID.  Some adj ch interference, but
generally an excellent signal.  My best DX catch this night !(27/12)

3396  Zimbabwe with EZL mx at 03:31 good.  Not //3306 which was talk p/f (27/12)

2485 VL8K Katherine heard at 15:36 with "Sounds of Summer" program (hmm,
minus 15 Celsius outside here!!)  fair/good.  Gave URL as www.abc.com.au

                       Wishing everyone the best of DX for 1997!

                             Walter Salmaniw, normally of Victoria, B.C, but
DXing off the coast of northern BC.