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Re: MW List

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W.A. Merriman wrote:
> Does anyone have a copy of the list of Medium Wave Stations of Europe,
> Middle East and North Africa put out by Herman Boel of Belgium and if
> you do what is your opinion of it?  Is it better than WRTH?

Dear Folk,
I own the Herman's Boel List and I can tell you that it is a must for
the serious LW/MW DXer. It is well compiled, useful, clear and the most
important, well updated twice per year. Better than WRTVH?. Of course
yes; mistakes on WRTVH with European MW Stations are well known (They do
not know yet that CEU is a radiocountry and it is listed under Morocco
(MRC), or what about the Spanish MW list?. Morocco is not accurate on
WRTVH, and...

And also Herman Boel is a very friendly folk!!
Jorge Garzón. Sevilla (SPAIN) 
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