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Dear friends,

Here are a few logings from the Eastern part of the Netherlands again...

BOTSWANA   3356,0   Radio Botswana, Gaborone   1740-1801   Vernacular talk,
music bridge, tentative ID, choir. SINPO: 34444   (Veldhuis JAN 4)

EQUADOR   9745,0   HCJB, Pifo   0107-0150   Emglish news, e.g. on a famous
skating-marathon here in the Netherlands, the 'elfstedentocht', DX
Partyline with interview with Ian McFarland, IDs. SINPO: 35433   (Veldhuis
JAN 5)

Used equipment: AOR AR7030 receiver, Lowe PR-150 pre-selector with a
temorary wire inside the house (appr. 10 meters long). Hope to have a real
longwire again soon...


Kind regards,

Mark Veldhuis
The Netherlands
E-mail: mark.veldhuis@xxxxxx
The Mark Veldhuis Shortwave Plaza: http://www.tip.nl/users/mark.veldhuis