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Here are some loggings again:

BOLIVIA   4471,8   Radio Movima, Santa Ana de Yacuma   2228-2251   LA
music, Spanish talk, tentative mention of S. Ana de Yacuma. SINPO: 24322  
(Veldhuis JAN 8)

MALI   5995,0   RTM, Bamako   2316-2330   Afro music, French announcements,
ID at 2327 UTC. Heard // 4782,88 and 4834,97 kHz. SINPO on 5995,0 kHz.:
33443   (Veldhuis JAN 7)

SRI LANKA   9729,95   SLBC, Colombo   1406-1415   English ID,
announcements, modern popsongs and oldies (e.g. "All kinds of everything"
from Dana). Best in USB. SINPO: 34444   (Veldhuis JAN 8)

ZAIRE   15244,5   La Voix du Zaire, Kinshasa   1419-1426   Vernacular talk,
short piece of music. SINPO: 24433   (Veldhuis JAN 8)

Kind regards,

Mark Veldhuis, Borne, the Netherlands.

Homepage: http://www.tip.nl/users/mark.veldhuis

Receiver: AOR AR 7030.
Antenna: Temporary 10 meter longwire inside the house.