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Hello Dx friends,

Here are some loggings again.

INDONESIA   4910,4   RRI, Bukittinggi   1503-1511   Indonesian news (word
'Berita' heard), mention of Jakarta, RRI ID. SINPO: 24433   (Veldhuis JAN

LESOTHO   4800,0   LNBS, Lancer's Gap   2155-2159*   Vernacular religious
talk, Lesotho mentioned, "Amen", NA at Soff. SINPO: 34433   (Veldhuis JAN

SIERRA LEONE   3316,0   SBLS, Goderich (tentative)   2210-2216   English
news read by female, then talk by male announcer with music in the
background. Weak, SINPO: 14343   (Veldhuis JAN 15)

Kind regards,

Mark Veldhuis, Borne, the Netherlands.

Homepage: http://www.tip.nl/users/mark.veldhuis

Receiver: AOR AR7030
Antenna: Temporary wire inside the house (10 mtr.)