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RE: Unid 1638

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>>>>   1123-1147 Weak signal with a slow fade on it. Only audible part of
>played was flutes with occaisional vocals, my impression was Arabic rather 
>than Latin American. M anncr with deep bass voice between songs, one break 
>almost sounded like English. 1130 W anncr for 3 minutes, maybe with news? 
>Back to flute music and M anncr until I tuned out after a deep fade. 
> Before I take off on anymore flights of fancy
>I'd appreciate some levelheaded suggestions. Thanks
>Mark Mohrmann - Coventry, VT USA

Mark, if memory serves me correctly, there are a number of low power ethnic
broadcasters in Australia broadcasting in the expanded MW band.  I too
suspect highly that this is what you were hearing.  They are a difficult
enough catch on the west coast, and therefore a superb catch further east.

                                  Walter Salmaniw, Victoria, B.C.  >