RE: Unid 1638
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RE: Unid 1638

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Subject: Unid 1638
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>>>   1123-1147 Weak signal with a slow fade on it. Only audible part of
played was flutes with occaisional vocals, my impression was Arabic rather 
than Latin American. M anncr with deep bass voice between songs, one break 
almost sounded like English. 1130 W anncr for 3 minutes, maybe with news? 
Back to flute music and M anncr until I tuned out after a deep fade. 

 Before I take off on anymore flights of fancy
I'd appreciate some levelheaded suggestions. Thanks

Mark Mohrmann - Coventry, VT USA

If quoted time is UTC then unlikely 1638 was European for two reasons.
Firstly its well after sunrise in most of Europe below the Arctic Circle.
Secondly Euro pirates that use frequencies around 1638 tend to operate during
European evening and night (1800- 0200UTC generally).

Sounds as if it could be a sig from down under - if so congratulations


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