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AUSTRALIA   9580,0   Radio Australia, Shepparton   1640-1658   English talk
about Hong Kong, chess-computers, ID, frequencies. SINPO: 44444   (Veldhuis
MAY 9)

CAMEROON   4850,0   C.R.T.V., Yaounde   2206-2220   French talk, short
instrumental breaks, ID at 2217 UTC. SINPO: 32432   (Veldhuis MAY 9)

INDIA   6150,0   All India Radio, unknown site   1728-1739   IS, Time
signal, news in English, followed by vernacular talk at 1735 UTC. African
music heard in background: Nairobi? SINPO: 33433   (Veldhuis MAY 9)

PERU   4790,0   Radio Atlantida, Iquitos   2230-2303   Non-stop LA music,
male speaker in Spanish, advertisements. SINPO: 24433   (Veldhuis MAY 9)

RWANDA   6055,0   Radio Rwanda, Kigali   1746-1758   Very tentative, as
only African music was heard. No announcements. Blocked by Slovakia at 1757
UTC. SINPO at best: 24433   (Veldhuis MAY 9)

Kind regards,

Mark Veldhuis, Borne, the Netherlands.
Receiver: AOR AR7030
Antenna: Appr. 20 meter longwire + MLB