Ireland DXP / To Mika
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Ireland DXP / To Mika

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Dear friends,

I know this last MW season (winter) a Medium Wave DXP was held at 
Ireland. I have no much information about it, but perhaps some of you
have the report or the e-mail address of one of those DXers. Could 
you send me that report or e-mail address. The Mediterranean DX Group 
is closing its compilation of European DXPs and this from Ireland is 
interesting to add it.

On the other hand, I would like if Mika Makeleinen (assisting at 
Lem104 DXP) could send me the Geo Data for Lemmenjoki in order to 
finish the report concerned to that DXP. (Sorry Mika, but I don't 
have your personal e-mail address)

73, PEACE and DX. Jorge Garzon