AOR NB7030
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AOR NB7030

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Dear friends,

I have received one of the first review samples of the new AOR AR7030
accessories, the NB7030 notch and filter board and enhanced processor. 

I will be bringing my modified receiver the to DSWCI AGM next weekend.
I will also be doing a full review of this for my As I Please column in
the DSWCI Short Wave Magazine.

The board and new processors took me about an hour and a half to fit.  It
was quite a fussy job - not recommended for ex-blacksmiths or people who
are not used to fine soldering.  (But I also had to relocate my crystal
filter daughter board).
It all seems to work.
It has been on for half an hour as I write!
Very first impressions:

The notch filter is great - as good as the Datong FL3 - the auto and
manual functions work well.  It is good enough to get rid of a carrier
whistle when you offtune on ECSS.

The noise filter - I have yet to find one that works on a receiver.  It
has an adjustable level control and bandwidth, but conditions are not
such that I can really test it yet.

The textual identifier seems to be a lot of fun - and also intelligent
enough to be useful.  The memory search seems to look for the
frequency stored in all the memories, and if one is a close match for the
one tuned, it will display the appropriate text identification for ten
seconds.  Great for people like me with poor memories in my skull.
There is also a facility to copy and paste memory settings around the new
improved capacity of 400 memories.  Scanning seems to take place in blocks
of a 100 memories.

The above is not a full analysis of what the NB7030 can do - it is the
impression of someone who has had the receiver going for only half an
hour and who has not yet read the manual.

In short - if you are a "7030 person" you will love these extra
facilities, and won't want to live without then.  The new menuing seems
logical and intuitive to me.  If you don't like modern black boxes with
few knobs and lots of functions, think twice!

It would seem that the UK AOR team have continued their innovative magic
and have given the shortwave listener and serious DXer even more tools to
make their catches.  I wish they made cars.

Best NB7030's

Don Phillips   DSWCI