[HCDX]: PiPa #204
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[HCDX]: PiPa #204

Howdy all & welcome to PiPa#204! (This is just the cover sheet, PiPa #204
should either be an attached file to this or should follow right after my
own greetings & name). If you only get the cover letter & not PiPa#204, drop
me a line...it's happened a few X....

In the past week, a "special" edition of #200 was sent out. Sorry about
that. My Internet provider evidently stored some of my old messages &
suddenly mailed them out for no reason. I have no idea how many of my old
computer messages (as old as 6 weeks!) were re-resent by their e-mail
server. Weird, eh?

Some of the biggest news for those in the US has nothing to do with
shortwave at all. Free Radio Berkeley won their case vs. the FCC! Some more
info should be posted in the Links section of the RFI!
(http://www.frn.net/rfi) site in the next day or so.
        Halloween was ACTIVE in North America, but propagation was kinda
weird. It seemed like it was impossible for most people to hear much more
than 1/2 of the stations that were on.
        Radio San Marino has a full out sked for 12/20. Stay tuned here for
more info or see the Euro News on the RFI! page for more info.
Hobby Broadcasting
For everyone interested in hobby-type broadcasting, whether micro radio,
pirate radio, Part-15, cable-access TV, Internet radio, etc: The new
magazine "Hobby Broadcasting" should be out sometime around February. It
should be about 32 to 48 pages in an 8.5" x 11" format--featuring lots of
how-to articles about personal broadcasting. Right now, we're finally up to
requesting articles & classified ads, selling advertising, and processing
subscriptions, etc. Subscriptions in the US cost $12 per year. I haven't
checked the postage rates at the USPS yet, but I should have the
international mailing costs posted on the RFI Webpage soon. For questions,
etc., write me at: ayoder@xxxxxxxx To subscribe, submit ads/articles/etc.,
send it to:
        Cabinet Communications
        PO Box 642
        Mont Alto, PA 17237 

That's it for now, see ya & 73fr,
Andrew              ayoder@xxxxxxx

PiPa #204   POB 840             11/17/97
      Mont Alto, PA 17237

Dline for #205: Send logs out no later than 12/1

PiPa #204 contains logs from FRW #95/96 + some more

THE FREE RADIO WEEKLY #96, November 16th, 1997  Loggings marked as "Coe-ON" were made by Alexander, Flannery, Greenall and Wolfish on a DXpedition in Coe Hill, Ontario.

SORRY.......IT'S NOT A PIRATE!!: If you are hearing Spanish on 1700, it is WCMQ in Miami, the third station to start up in the "Expanded Band". Incidentally, there are another 25 or so stations that have either applied to move to the Expanded Band above 1600 or have actually received a construction permits to move. One website with a list of these stations can be found at: http://members.aol.com/RKDX/exband.html

"We kicked their butts" - Stephen Dunifer
Judge Wilken turned down the FCC's request for an injunction, refuted FCC claims that the case was out of her jurisdiction and ordered the FCC to answer questions regarding whether their regulations violate the first amendment! The FCC will probably appeal, but this means that FRB will get to survive at least another year. [Info via Paul Griffin]. 

6955U 11-01 *1903-1934* Halloween show with the scary song "Barbie" by Aqua played twice (!) (242 Zeller-OH)(444 Filipkowski-RI)(gd Coe-ON)(555 Arthur-NY)(gd Yoder-PA)(444 Comeau-MA)(weak Folk-KY)(252 Silvi-OH)(453 Hunsicker,PA)(Gd Demsky,ME)
6955U 11-02 1530-1537 Barbie Girl Song, ID and QSL info. Lost @1537 when RMWW fired up on 6958 (Hunsicker,PA)(VG Demsky,ME)

6955U 11-05 0250-0337 John Doe singing along with and talking over stuff from Pink Floyd's "The Wall" (Please QSL 343 Frodge-MI)(252 Silvi-OH)

6925U 11-08 0212-0247 Kid's songs and pirate song (333 Jurrens-TX) 
6955U 11-08 2148-2220 Cat In The Hat Story (fair Russell-MI)(343  Frodge-MI)(poor Brooker-ON)(444 Filipkowski-RI)  (232 Silvi-OH)(strong Altre-Kerber,NY)(233 Hassig,IL)
6955U 11-09 *1914-1949* Dr. Seuss Stories "Green Eggs & Ham" "Sneeches",  etc (343 Haston-SC)(251 Crawford-KY)(444  Filipkowski-RI)(VG Demsky,ME)(154 Hassig,IL)

6955 11-08 2148-2202 Old show that's been relayed for years. Talk about Jimmy Hoffa, song "Hang On Sloopy" (poor w/CITH QRM Russell-MI)(333 Frodge-MI)(poor Altre-Kerber,NY)(111 Hassig,IL)

FRIDAY RADIO-Providence 
6925U 11-07 2314-2324 Songs by Led Zep, AC/DC (212 Jurrens-TX) 
6955U 11-08 0131-0209 Repeat of above (333 Jurrens-TX)(144 Hassig,IL)
6925 11-08 0240-0255 Usual celebration of Friday & The Weekend (253 Silvi-OH)

6925U 11-08 0010-0041 Halloween Show w/"Don't Fear The Reaper" (212  Jurrens-TX) 
6955U 11-08 0055-0124 Repeat of above (333 Jurrens-TX)(254 Hassig,IL)
6955U 11-08 *2114-2146* 7th Annual Halloween show. Lots of reader QSLs read, music ("Yellow River", "Hooked on a Feeling", "Don't Fear the Reaper"; Hilltop in OH QTH, great (if annoying) mileage from the Ooga Shucka song during QSL portion (251 Crawford-KY)(343 Frodge-MI)(444 Filipkowski-RI)(gd Greenall-ON)(weak Folk-KY)(252 Silvi-OH)(strong Altre-Kerber,NY)(343 w/CRI in backgnd Hunsicker,PA)(VG Demsky,ME)(144 Hassig,IL)

6925.7 11-01 2336-0016* Mx by Fleetwood Mac, Squirrel Nut Zippers, and Simon & Garfunkle's "Cecilia" (poor with CW QRM and storm noise Russell-MI)(333 Filipkowski-RI)(pr Coe-ON)

KOLD Stoneham 
6955U 11-02 0331-0343* Aldo Battista playing older mx (242 Filipkowski-RI)(Keeney-KS)

6925 11-10 *0124-0154* Anncr said they had new 100 watt transmitter;  BTO and Country mx. Great audio (S9+10db  Ruger-CA)

6955U 11-09 2313-2335* Col. Billy Bob w/mx. "Together", "American Pie" &  mx by Boston, Lou Reed (444 McCLintock-MN)(122  as UNID Scott-OH)(poor Wolfish-ON)(232 Ruger-CA)(424 Jurrens-TX)(Gd PSE QSL Demsky,ME)

6925U 11-01 *2305-2329* Program # 4 from the Hunsicker Hideaway Lounge with mx by Mel Torme and Al Martino and the "Volare" IS (fair Russell-MI)(gd Coe-ON)(343+ Zeller-OH)(222 Brandt-GERMANY)(344 Filipkowski-RI)(333 Haston-SC)(weak AY,PA)

6955U 11-01 0115-0149* Edgar Alan Poe poem, spooky sounds, horror movie promos (poor Russell-MI)(242 Zeller-OH)(gd Yoder-pA)(fair Coe-ON)(252 Silvi-OH)(242 Frodge- MI)(242 Scott-OH)(232 Prindle,NY)(353-111 Hunsicker,PA)
6955U 11-01 0336-0413 same as earlier.(poor Coe-ON) 
6930 11-02 0429-0503 Halloween show (212 Jurrens-TX) 
6925U 11-08 *0249-0332* "A Journey Into Sound" electronic mx program (242  Filipkowski-RI)(222-121 Jurrens-TX)

6954.7 10-31 2207-2229 strange voiced announcer who sounded like Radio Beaver's Bucky Beaver talking about broadcasting on 80 m; mx: The Youngbloods, Tiny Tim, The Beatles, and Beck (fair Wolfish-ON)(Folk-KY)(353 Silvi-OH)(222 Frodge-MI)(fair Prindle,NY)

6955U 11-02 2336-2354* repeat of health show talking about Vitamin C and prostate cancer (fair Russell-MI)(343 Haston-SC)

6955U 11-01 *1935-2007* Show #26. Monique, gerbils, Top 10 Punchlines, gerbils, goneometry, gerbils, Stanley the Sperm joke, gerbils, numerous DX-ers mentioned, gerbils (242 Zeller-OH)(444 Filipkowski-RI)(gd Coe-ON)(454 Arthur-NY)(gt sig Yoder-PA)(444 Comeau-MA)(weak Folk-KY)(253 Silvi-OH)(253 Frodge-MI)(232 Haston-SC)(Gd Altre-Kerber,NY)(Bram makes me feel normal. VG pgm 454 Hunsicker, PA)(VG Demsky,ME)
6955U 11-01 *2225-2257* repeat of Program #26 (gd Russell-MI)(343 Zeller-OH)(gd Coe-ON)(444 Filipkowski-RI)(gd Axelrod-MB)(354 Silvi-OH)(111 Jurrens-TX)(232 Haston-SC)(fair Altre-Kerber,NY)(553 Hunsicker,PA)
6955U 11-02 *0344-0416* repeat of Program #26 (242 Filipkowski- RI)(212 Jurrens-TX) 
6955 11-02 *1445-1446* heard QRMing WPUP with sign on and then plug was pulled (gd Coe-ON)(Hunsicker,PA)(EXC! Demsky,ME)
6955U 11-02 *1616-1648* Repeat of Program # 26 (pr Russell- MI)(444 Filipkowski-RI)(343 Zeller-OH)(fair Altre-Kerber,NY)(555 Bernth,NY)
6955U 11-02 2257-2326* Repeat of Program #26 (fair Russell-MI)(454 Silvi-OH)(111 Jurrens-TX)(343 Haston-SC)(fair Altre-Kerber,NY)
15043U 11-08 1957-2022* Repeat of Program #26 (453 Crawford-KY)

6955U 11-01 2302-2321+ Samantha Jones' birthday party? (fair Russell-MI)(fair/gd AY,PA)

6955U 11-01 0212-0220* various audio bits including "bababooey"; ID: "This is Douchebag; hope you liked my sound effects" (Please QSL 242 Frodge-MI)

RADIO DR. TIM (relay) Box 2203042, D-42373 Wuppertal, GERMANY 
6955U 11-03 2350-0016 English & German C&W music with German-accented DJ (Altre-Kerber-NY)(242 Haston-SC)

6955U 10/28 2135-2152 Last broadcast. Played Moody Blues (I think) and later on played "California Ubu Allies" by Dead Kennedys (Gd Carmen,OH)
6955U 11-01 *2122-2218* Steve Mann with retrospective show playing rock mx by The Moody Blues, Our Lady Peace, The Odds, plus some parodies; said he'd be returning with a new name and format (343- Zeller-OH)(444 Filipkowski-RI)(gd Coe-ON)(exc. Yoder-PA)(weakFolk-KY)(232 Silvi-OH)(353 Frodge-MI)(strong Altre-Kerber,NY)(554 Hunsicker,PA)
6955U 11-02 *0417-0513* repeat of earlier show(poor Russell-MI)(242 Filipkowski-RI)(424 Jurrens-TX) 
6955U 11-02 *1308-1406* replay of 1 year show (454+ Zeller-OH)(344 Filipkowski-RI)(gd Coe-ON)(vgd Yoder-PA)(Folk-KY)(454 Crawford-KY)(252 Silvi-OH)(343 Haston-SC)(454 Prindle, NY)(454 Hunsicker,PA)(Gd luck, Steve, VG Demsky,ME)
6955U 11-02 2155-2251* repeat of 1 year show.(fair Russell-MI)(fair Wolfish-ON)(Folk-KY)(433 Crawford-KY)(354 Silvi-OH)(fair Altre-Kerber,NY)
6955U 11-13 2253-2331 Program making fun of TIE and WARR, guest ID by  P.J. Sparx of WREC (444 Jurrens-TX)

6955U 11-09 0156-0257 St. Helena/First Anniv. Show replay (141 Haston-  SC)(131 Scott-OH)(433 Ruger-CA)(444-242 Jurrens-  TX)(252 Silvi-OH)

6958.3 11-02 1244-1305* rock mx by The Alarm, funny ad for Reginadl Denny's, one ID in Spanish (444 Filipkowski-RI)(poor as unidentified logging Coe-ON)(vpr Yoder-PA)(Gd Demsky,ME)
6958.3 11-02 *1659-1720* repeat of earlier show (poor Russell-MI)(444 Filipkowski-RI)(333 Arthur-NY)(111 Bernth,NY)(Gd Demsky,ME)

6955U 11-02 1902-1954* pro-Marijuana programming (fair Russell-MI)(253 Silvi-OH)(242 Haston-SC)(poor Altre-Kerber,NY)(AY,PA)

RADIO FREE SPEECH Belfast or Blue Ridge Summit 
6955 10-31 *2216-2225* Halloween show (444 Prindle, NY)(exc. Yoder-PA)(443 Hunsicker,PA)
6955 10-31 *2358-0007* Bill O. "Scary" Rights with the quick condensed Halloween show (333 Filipkowski-RI)(fair Coe-ON) 
6955 11-02 *1423-1432* Halloween Show (322- with WPUP QRM Zeller-OH)(vgd Coe- ON)(343 Filipkowski-RI)(Arthur-NY)(Hunsicker,PA)

6925.05U 10/31-11/1 2359-0007 Noise & QRM from SSB utilities made listening difficult--not a clear channel by any means! Tommy Pickles with repeat of 1994 program which included "Ghostbusters" (poor Russell-MI)(gd program, but conditions frightening! 432 Hunsicker, PA)
6954.6 11-01 *1501-1536 Elm Hall Plantation story, etc; op forgot to turn off carrier for at least 20 minutes after tape ended (gd Coe-MI)(555 Arthur-NY)(weak Yoder-PA)(Gd/VG Demsky,ME)

6951v 11-02 *1448-1600* testing with rock music (555 Zeller-OH)(555 Filipkowski-RI)(exc. Coe-ON)(353 Crawford-KY)(444 Haston-SC)(gd Prindle, NY)(545 Bernth,NY)(Hunsicker,PA)(Exc Demsky,ME)
6958 11-03 0002-0046* big band music (poor Russell-MI)(Jurrens-TX)(AY,PA)

6955U 11-01 *0007-0051* mx by Zappa and Guns `n Roses; parodies (242 Filipkowski-RI)(poor Coe-ON)(gd Axelrod-MB)(gd Yoder-PA)(252 Silvi-OH)(555 Jurrens-TX)(242 Majewski-CT)(343 Prindle,NY)(poor Demsky,ME)
6955U 11-02 0049-0133 mx by Lou Reed, B52s and Mike + The Mechanics (poor Coe-ON)(232 Arthur-NY)(211 Ruger-CA)(253 Silvi-OH) 
6925U 11-05 0213-0220? (fr Wolfish-ON)(254 Silvi-OH)

RADIO ONE Belfast 
6950 11-02 0207-0228 great oldies, including The Buckingham's "Kind Of A Drag" Beatles' "She's a Woman" & N.Sedaka's "Rainy Day Bells" (544 Jurrens-TX)(fair Demsky,ME)

6955U 11-08 *1813-1856* Multi-lingual IDs, H.V. Short. Classic rock: "In a Gadda Da Vida", "Magic Carpet Ride", "Raunchy", comedy ads: Horny Barbie, Hindu Skynyrd (555 Filipkowski-RI)(253 Silvi-OH)(strong Altre-Kerber,NY)
6955U 11-08 2231-2316* H.V. Short w/mx by Ventures, Duane Eddy, Johnny &  The Hurricanes, AD for horny Barbie (343  Frodge-MI)(141 Filipkowski-RI) 
6955U 11-09 *2335-0020* H.V. Short with mx by ZZ Top, Iron Butterfly,  parody AD for Hindu Skynard CD (343 Haston-SC)  (332 Crawford-KY)(323 McClintock-MN)(242 Scott-OH)  (222 Jurrens-TX)(253 Silvi-OH)(255 Hassig,IL)

6950U 11/1 0558-0654 "Put A Spell on You" Munsters theme, Star Wars theme, hi to RFS (VG Demsky,ME)
6955U 11-02 0620-0713* reading letters and playing requests (222 Brandt- GERMANY)(353 Ruger-CA) 
6955U 11-08 0839-0905* "...Movin' On Down the Line...", "Rock Me On the Water" and concert version of "Take It Easy" theme song. Tlk abt being hrd in NZ, comedy w/drunk man buying booze (252 to 353, Why am I up this late?, Hunsicker, PA)
6955U 11-08 *0937-1009* Mx & tlk; thanks to stations ops that have helped him. (252, Good God! I'm still up! Hunsicker, PA)
6955U 11-08 2023-2113* Rock/Blues mx, "Name That Tune" and win a pirate  pirate flag. Music: "Takin' Care of Business" and blues, drunken liquor buyer, hello to military folks--Is the op a vet? (555 Hunsicker, PA)(554 Crawford-KY)(353 Frodge-MI)  (444 Filipkowski-RI)(gd Folk-KY)(555 Jurrens)  (252 Silvi-OH)(strong Altre-Kerber,NY)
6955U 11-09 *0016-0106* Mx by Wild Tuna, Three Steps and Blues mx (422  Crawford-KY)(344 McClintock-MN)(fair Russell-MI)  (343 Kusalik-AB)(142 Scott-OH)(gd Greenall-ON)(Ruger-CA)(555 Jurrens-TX)(252 Silvi-OH)(454 Hunsicker,PA)(254 Hassig,IL)
6955U 11-09 0707- Music, quite weak; tentative (Brandt-Ger)

6955U 11-01 2008-2048 on co-channel with WREC; commentary re: Reagan (232 Silvi-OH)(253 Frodge-MI)(333/311 Haston-SC)(Hunsicker,PA)

WARR supposedly using Belfast 
6955U 11-05 0057-0132* Offering a spcl QSL, sed next time'll tlk abt how to set up a pirate TV stn, pulling up anchor & heading for Cayman Is (252 Silvi-OH) (131 Scott-OH)(AY,PA)

6955 11-01 1630-1714 J.G. Tiger w/Halloween Special. Mx included Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon & Howl At The Moon and many rockabilly Halloween songs by The Cramps, Jesse Morningstar, Blue Moon Boys, Gene Vincent (fair Coe-ON)(454 Arthur-NY)(gd Yoder-PA)(454 Comeau-MA)(242/343 Prindle,NY)(fair Altre-Kerber,NY)(333 Bernth,NY)(GD pgm 555-442 Hunsicker,PA)

WHAM-PSE QSL reports to ACE Website 
6955U 11-07 2350-2356* "Wild Man" w/test transmission of pop mx, IDs,  Rod Stewart song (444 McClintock-MN)(252 Silvi-  OH)

6925 10-31 2259-2312+ with Alice Cooper's "Welcome To My Nightmare"; cackling witch IS (fr Coe-ON)(252 Silvi-OH)(222 Frodge-MI)(AY,PA)
6954.7 11-01 *1310-1342 same as earlier (fair Coe-ON)(454 Arthur-NY)(333 Silvi-OH)

6925U 11-07 *2331-2356* Rock mx w/"Ice Ice Baby" & "Girl, I'm Never Gonna  Give You Up" (242 Haston-SC) 
6955U 11-08 0453-0527 IDs and assorted tunes (131 Jurrens-TX) 
6925U 11-08 1633-1654 Eclectic mix - Vanilla Ice, Barry White, rock, polka, Bowie, Lord's Prayer, "The Streak". Regular tag line "Where's My F***ing QSL?" (fair-gd Greenall-ON)(252 Silvi-OH)(Gd Altre-Kerber,NY)

WMPR does not have a maildrop 
6955.2 11-01 0233-0330 steady drumbeat and elecotronic mx (232 Comeau-MA)(545 Jurrens-TX) 
6955.2 11-1/2 *2354-0017 "WMPR Dance Party" (444/141 Filipkowski-RI)(342 Comeau- MA)(Jurrens-TX)(Gd/VG Demsky,ME)
6955 11-02 1817-1850* usual techno dance music (gd Russell-MI)(gd Yoder-PA)(343+ Zeller-OH)(454 Silvi-OH)(444 Haston-SC)(poor Altre-Kerber,NY)
6955 11-09 1606-1652* "Dance Party" program; IDs (343 Haston-SC)(354   Crawford-KY)(v weak Folk-KY)(454 Silvi-OH)(552 Hunsicker,PA)
6955 11-09 2236-2248* Usual Techno Pop mx w/IDs. 120 Hz hum (212 Scott-OH)(fair Altre-Kerber,NY)(Gd/VG Demsky,ME)(354-132 Hassig,IL)

WPUP Belfast 
6954 U 11-02 1413-1448* "We're Pot-Using Puppies/We're Puppies Using Pot" with rock and reggae music and the dual theme of puppies and marijuana (322 with Radio Free Speech QRM Zeller-OH)(fr Coe-ON)(343 Arthur-NY)(Folk-KY)(353 Crawford-KY)(312 Haston-SC)

WREC/RADIO FREE EAST COAST Belfast or Blue Ridge Summit 
6955U 10-31 *2252-2354* PJ w/repeat of `95 Halloween show (fr Russell-MI)(fair Coe-ON)(444 Arthur-NY)(Yoder-PA)(252 Silvi-OH)(322+ Frodge-MI)(Jurrens-TX)(Gd Altre-Kerber,NY)(Hunsicker,PA)
6955U 11/1 0551-0624 mx: Iron Maiden, Van Halen, AC/DC, Ozzy. Pete the Pirate cameo ID (Gd Demsky,ME)
6955U 11-01 *2012-2058* Program # 33, featuring "Tainted Beef" and mx by Alice in Chains (gd Coe-ON) (444 Filipkowski-RI)(exc. Yoder-PA)(444 Comeau-MA)(233 w/QRM Silvi-OH)(322 Frodge-MI)(strong Altre-Kerber,NY)(VG Demsky,ME)

WRYT Belfast or e-mail BIGGhank@xxxxxxx 
6958 11-02 1729-1802* CCR, Tommy Tutone, "Play that Funky Music".  Very hollow sounding on IDs, body wax bit (gd Russell-MI)(232 Filipkowski-RI)(555 Arthur-NY)(454 Silvi-OH)(Gd Altre-Kerber,NY)
6958 11-05 2317-2341 hard rock mx, QSL info (444 Jurrens-TX)(343 Haston-SC)(544 Majewski-CT)

6955U 11-01 1324-1402 black preacher & gospel mx (poor Coe-ON)(Folk-KY)(333 Silvi-OH)(VG AY,PA)
6955U 11-01 2050-2130* mx by Spandau Ballet & Sheena Easton (poor Coe-ON)(weak Yoder-PA)(232 Silvi-OH)(fair Altre-Kerber,NY)
6955U 11-03 *2249-2313 mx by MC Lite and Bobby McFerrin (231 Crawford-KY)(131 Scott-OH) 
6955U 11-04 0014-0020* Laser Hot Hits relay. English accented announcer playing Keith Sweat music; Merlin address given (Altre-Kerber -NY) (242 Crawford-KY) 
6955Uv 1424-1450* 11-09 Hits from 1972 to 1974: "Seasons in the Sun", "Kung Foo Fighting", others. List of questions for special prize. (151 to 152, Hunsicker, PA)
6955U 11-09 1552-1554 Talk about FBI report on Kennedy asasanation (weak Crawford-KY)(252 Prindle,NY)(fair Altre-Kerber,NY)(252 Hunsicker,PA)

SOUTH AMERICAN LOGGINGS (all relays via Radio Cochiguaz):
7569.97 11-01 0300-0345 Andean and Irish mx; English and Spanish IDs (Barrera-ARGENTINA)

7569.97 11-02 0345+ mambo music and LAm pops; Ids in Spanish, English and Italian (Barrera-ARGENTINA)

7569.97 11-01 1900-1950 Andean folk mx and IDs (Barrera-ARGENTINA)

UNIDENTIFIED LOGGINGS (Please ID and QSL for all of these!) 
6955U, 2339-2346, 10-29. Music, blues, "Superfreak" and "Soul Man". (354, Hunsicker, PA)
6954.7 10-31 2241-2249* some mx; heard OM mention "from the USA" and "If you want a QSL" (322 Filipkowski-RI) 
6955U 11-01 2323-2328+ mx by World Party: "Is It Like Today" (pr Coe-ON)(353 Hunsicker,PA)
6955U 11-01 2332-2354+ tx by YL, played "Cumbersome" by Seven Mary Three; wiped out by WMPR at 2354 (242 Filipkowski-RI) 
6953L 11-02 0200+ heavy metal and sfx; Belfast address (333 Jurrens-TX) 
6955 11-02 1302-1306* mx and then sign-off which mentioned "..... is a member of Chicksea Broadcasting" (353 Silvi-OH) 
6955U 11/2 1609-1613 Glen Hauser parody, ment Alan Weiner, QRM (fair Demsky,ME)
6955U 11/3 0226 R&B/rap type mx (Poor-fair Altre-Kerber,NY)
6955U 11-04 0119-0133 loop of Elton John song, heavy metal tidbits and evil laughing (222 Jurrens-TX) 
6955U 11/5 0400 JFK assassination theories (Poor Altre-Kerber,NY)
6955U 11/8 1905-1924 Voice mike check. Elton John "Candle in the Wind" cutting in and out w/rock snippets in between. Lousy, lousy content (Strong Altre-Kerber,NY)
6955U/L 11/8 2223-2230 Rock mx (Hassig,IL)
6955U 11-09 0307-0311 Jerky Boys call w/Sol Rosenberg (Gd Demsky,ME)
6955U 11-09 0745-0758* Three songs: "Take It to the Limit", "Peaceful Easy Feeling", and "Best of My Love" (353, Hunsicker, PA)

MICRODOT RADIO: f/d b&w letter in 16 months for an European relay, no infos or anything else in the envelope, it took a long time, but - Thank you! (Schoech-Germany)

6955 6-f/d cards (Observatory Snow Globe, Submarine, Chili Pit, Tie- Dye, Pink Floyd and Skull & Crossbones cards) (Russell-MI) 
6955 f/d "peering eyes" card in 2 months for logs in bulletins; v/s The Shadow (Zeller-OH) Beatles Special design QSL in 3 months for reports to FRW or PiPa (Crawford-KY)

6955 f/d "stork being strangled by frog" card; v/s Bram Stoker (Russell-MI)

One Voice Radio, "foot" card and letter from Joe in 2 weeks (Haston-SC) "Toes" card (Russell-MI) SAME card and very nice letter in eleven days (Hunsicker,PA)

Radio Metallica Worldwide, 2 no data blue cards signed by Dr. Tornado in 3 months for a report to BRS (Haston-SC) same in 4 months (Crawford-KY) card in 3.5 months (McClintock-MN) no data card (Russell-MI) 11884, no data blue card in 85 days (Frodge-MI)

Voice Of Anarchy, full data "certificate of reception" and copy of Pipa #203 in 3 months (Haston-SC) full data form letter for relay by RMWW (Russell-MI)

WBIG, full data big radio sheet and business card signed by Big Mike on 2 weeks (Haston-SC)

6955 f/d "George of the Jungle" sheet and f/d "Ian & Beavis" sheet; v/s Charles Poltz (Russell-MI) 
6955 f/d "Ian joins the staff of K-2000" sheet in 7 weeks for logs in bulletins + a Mike Pruitt Cleveland Browns football trading card; v/s Charles Poltz (Zeller-OH)

WRX, full data "Radio From Hell" card in 3 weeks for a report to Huntsville (Haston-SC) 3494, same card in 3 weeks (Crawford-KY) SAME in three weeks (Hunsicker,PA)

WSRR. full data logo card (Russell-MI)

ZELLER-FELLER TV, WICU/Channel 12, partial data Jacobs Field Baseball Card "This card will verify that Robert Ross ... suffered damage to his TV set by observing George Zeller at the World Series around 0430 UTC on Oct. 22nd, 1997". In response to an email report to the "World's Greatest Cleveland Indians Fan" (Ross-ON) I don't think you can count this towards an award! cl.

Hallowe'en Friday afternoon/evening [UTC 10/31 and 11/1]:
2120-2200		6955 U	WDRR
2204-2249		6954.7	New Voice of the Purple Pumpkin
2230+		        6955	Radio Free Speech
2252-2354		6955 U	WREC
2259-2312		6925	Witch City Radio
2359-0007		6954.6	Radio Halloween
2358-0007		6955	Radio Free Speech
0007-0051		6955 U	Radio Nonsense
0109-0150		6955 U	Mystery Radio
0212-0220		6955 U	Radio Douchebag ???
0233-0330		6955	WMPR
0300-0345		7570	Jolly Roger Radio Int. (Ireland)
0336-0413		6955 U	Mystery Radio

Saturday morning [11/1]:
1310-1342		6954.7	Witch City Radio
1325-1402		6955 U	WSRR
1501-1536		6954.7	Radio Halloween
1630-1714		6955	WDRR

Saturday afternoon [11/1]:
1900-1950		7570	Radio Cochiguaz
1903-1934		6955 U	Altered States Radio
1935-2007		6955 U	Radio Azteca
2007-2008		6955 U	Radio Sporadic
2008-2102		6955 U	Voice of the Runaway Maharishi
2012-2058		6955 U	WREC
2050-2130		6955 U	WSRR
2122-2218		6955 U	Radio Eclipse
2225-2257		6955 U	Radio Azteca
2302-2329		6925 U	Lounge Lizard Radio
2302-2305		6955 U	Radio Bedroom Intentional
2336-0016		6925.7	Jerry Rigged Radio
2354-0017		6955.2	WMPR

Saturday evening [UTC 11/2]:
0049-0133		6955 U	Radio Nonsense
0207-0228		6950	Radio One
0331-0343		6955 U	KOLD
0344-0416		6955 U	Radio Azteca
0345+   		7570	Radio Blandengue
0417-0513		6955 U	Radio Eclipse
0429-0503		6930	Mystery Radio
0620-0713		6955 U	Take It Easy Radio

Sunday morning [11/2]:
1244-1305		6958.3	Radio Four
1308-1406		6955 U	Radio Eclipse
1413-1448		6954 U	WPUP
1423-1432		6955	Radio Free Speech
1445-1446		6955	Radio Azteca
1448-1501		6951v	Radio Metallica Worldwide
1505-1523		6958v	Radio Metallica Worldwide
1616-1648		6955 U	Radio Azteca

Sunday afternoon [11/2]:
1659-1720		6958.3	Radio Four
1729-1802		6957	WRYT
1800-1850		6955.3	WMPR
1902-1954		6955 U	Radio Free Euphoria
2156-2251		6955 U	Radio Eclipse
2257-2326		6955 U	Radio Azteca
2336-2354		6955 U	One Voice Radio

Sunday evening [UTC 11/3]:
0002-0046		6958	Radio Metallica Worldwide

Monday afternoon and evening [UTC 11/3 and 11/4]
2249-2313		6955 U	WSRR
2350-0016		6955 U	Radio Dr. Tim (relay)
0014-0020		6955 U	Laser Hot Hits (relay)

Tuesday afternoon and evening [UTC 11/4 and 11/5]
0057-0220		6955 U	WARR
0213-0220		6925 U	Radio Nonsense
0257-0337		6955 U	Anonymous Radio

Wednesday afternoon and evening  [UTC 11/5 and 11/6]
2317-2341		6958	WRYT

Contributors to PiPa#204: Alexander,ON; Altre,Kerber,NY; Arthur,NY; Axelrod,MB; Barrera,Argentina; Bernth,NY; Brandt,Germany; Brooker,ON; Carmen,OH; Comeau,MA; Crawford,KY; Deeley,UK; Demsky,ME; Filipkowski,RI; Flannery,ON; Folk,KY; Frodge,MI; Greenall,ON; Griffin,CA; Hassig,IL; Haston,SC; Hunsicker;PA; Jurrens,TX; Keeney,KS; Kusalik,AB; Lobdell;MA; Majewski,CT; McClintock,MN; Prindle,NY; Ruger,CA; Russell,MI; Schoech,Germany; Scott,OH; Silvi,OH; Smolinski; Walker,UK; Wolfish,ON; Zeller,OH & AY,PA

PLEASE QSL ADDRESSES. If you want your name removed, let us know.
Joel Altre-Kerber 18 Elmview Place Buffalo NY 14207
Ken Alexander: Box 71553, Aurora, ONT L4G 6S9 
John T. Arthur: 7994 Rte 19 Belfast, NY 14711 
Charles Bernth: P.O. Box 236, Eastport, NY 11941 
Shawn Axelrod: 30 Becontree Bay, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2N 2X9, Canada 
Ian Biggar: 21B Dundonald Road, Troon, Ayrshire KA10 6NP, Scotland 
Rainer Brandt: Wiesenweg 6, D-29361, Hoefer, Germany 
J. Coatsworth: RR#3, Merlin, Ontario NOP 1WO, Canada 
Ross Comeau: 16 Linwood Street, Andover, MA 01810 
Chas. Crawford: 1763 Turnagain Drive, Henderson, KY 42420 
Fred Danowski: 95 Meadowbrook Road, Startford, CT 06497 
Paul Demsky: 883 Broadway #2, South Portland, ME 04106 
David Ditlow: 3645 Vinton Avenue #3, Los Angeles, CA 90034 
Rick Doehner: 2511 Raspberry Lane, Pasadena, TX 77502 
Joe Filipkowski: 28 Mill Wheel Road, Warwick, RI 02886 
Michael Folk: 810 Dalewood Villa Hills, KY 41017-1089 
Harold Frodge: 5525 Whitehall St., Midland, MI 48642 
Dan Greenall: 181 Church Street, Thamesford, ONT N0N 2M0, Canada 
William Hassig: 102 N. Russel St., Mt. Prospect, IL 60056 
Matt Haston: 22 Jamestowne Commons, Taylors, SC 29687 
Joerg Hoffmann: Jaegersburger Str. 1, D-64625 Bensheim, Germany
 Ron Hunsicker: 1238 Cleveland Avenue, Wyomissing, PA 19610-2102
 R & T Jurrens: 19107 Winding Trail Lane, Katy, TX 77449 
Rob Keeney: 10315 Antioch, Overland Park, KS 66212-4332 
Mike Leclerc: 16 Salem Drive, Somers, CT 06071-1903 
Chris Lobdell: Box 146, Stoneham, MA 02180 
Wm. McClintock: 11481 Blackfoot St NW, Minneapolis, MN 55433 
John Mello: 218 Central Avenue, North Scituate, RI 02857 
Kevin Nauta: 11252 Ravanna SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508-2504
Nigel Pimblett: 146 Queen Street, Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 1B4, Canada 
Mike Prindle: P.O. Box 51, New Suffolk, NY 11956-0051 
Ed Rausch: 17 Vandeberg Place, Cedar Grove, NJ 07009-1039 
Robert Ross: Box 1003, Station B, London, ON N6A 5K1 Canada 
Larry Russell: 420 Warren Avenue, Flushing, MI 48433 
Chris Scott: 4051 Clifton Avenue, #3, Cincinnati, OH 45220 
Lee Silvi: Box 982, Mentor, OH 44061 
Chris Smolinski: 4708 Trail Court, Westminster, MD 21158 
Niel Wolfish: 112-2177 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario M5M 4B7, Canada 
Andrew Yoder: Box 840, Mont Alto, PA 17237 
George Zeller: 3492 West 123rd Street, Cleveland, OH 44111

COMMENTS: Shawn Axelrod: "poor conditions combined with a rain and then a snow storm wiped out DX. The shovelling is not as much fun as listening but nobody gave me a choice!!"

 Rich & T Jurrens: "reception was really poor for us - probably from all of those porch lights being on".

 Chris Scott: "Electrical work in the apartment below me gave me a +20 electrical hum in my radio just before Halloween. That pretty much obliterated any reception."

 Lee Silvi: "Slow weekend - I only heard Radio Azteca # 26 three times in 24 hours! How am I ever going to get all 40 cards at this rate?"

George Zeller: "That's it for a while, since I leave tomorrow for ten days in Switzerland............Yodel ay eee hoo!"

>From Rainer Brandt in Germany:
October 25th, 1997 (Saturday) updaters
3925	R.Dr.Tim		23.05-		G,D, QSO rapports	45544
3926	R.Morgenster		23.00-		D, QSO QRM de BNL	32322

October 26th, 1997 (Sunday) updaters
3930	International Music R.	10.15-		G,E, pops		33333
3945	unid			11.00-11.02*	?, Proud Mary-CCR	43433
6234.5	R.Born Free		09.30-		E, music		22222

November 1st, 1997 (Saturday)
3900L	2 unid Free Radio HAMs	22.41-22.45*	E, talk about Farmers	34433
3910	R.Driland		21.00-		G,D,E, pops and polka	33333
3911.5	Subterranean Sounds	23.29-		E, much talk, pops	44444
3920	International Music R.	21.00-		E,G, pops		34333
3925	R.Dr.Tim		22.03-		G, evil Halloween show	33333
3931	R.Korak International	22.45-		E, pops			55444
3936	Starshine R.		22.02-22.54*	E,G, oldies, later QSY	33333
3945	Starshine R.		22.54-22.59*	E, QSY after caller	43433
3945	R.Titanic International	22.59*-23.28*	E, Halloween special	43433
3945	Starshine R.		23.28*-		E, pops			43433
6219	Laser Hot Hits		22.10-		E, pops			23322
6925U	Lounge Lizard R., USA	23.01-23.12	E, IDs, 40th music	22222

November 2nd, 1997 (Sunday)
3911.5	Subterranean Sounds	00.00-		E, pops			44444
3920	Sierra Romeo 01		00.14-		E, CQ calls, unheard	33333
3931	R.Korak International	00.00-		E, pops			55544
5805	R.Free London (RFL)	06.50-		E, pops, Halloween show	44444
5830	Ozone R.International	13.16-		E, Heavy Metal rock	34333
6209.6	R.Pamela		12.50-		E, IDs, rock music	34322
6219	Laser Hot Hits		08.10-		E, pops			23322
6238.7	Jolly Roger R.		11.30-		E, QSY from 6245	33322
6244.7	Jolly Roger R.		09.30-		E, country sounds, QSY	22222
6245.5	R.Benelux		09.01-		G, pops, heavy JRR QRM	32332
6251v	R.Borderhunter		10.23-		E, pops, very bad mode!	44444
6255v	R.Mistero Ghost Planet	08.53-		E, pops			43443
6260	R.Raven	(new station!)	08.56-09.30	E, pops, SRS address	43433
6266.6	UK R.International	09.33-		E, pops			33333
6270.8	R.Perfekt		09.43-09.48*	G, test, sudden s/off	44433
6275	Superclan R.		08.54-		E, pops, later RTN QRM	32322
6276.2	R.Lipstick		09.15-09.23	G, DX news, via RTN	32222
6276.2	R.RTN			09.58-10.32*	G, rock oldies, QRM	42332
6281.7	R.Free Willy		11.33-		G, IDs, rock, QRM	43433
6299	Farmers from Holland	10.00-		E,D, echooooooooo	55555
6955U	Take It Easy R., USA	06.20-07.13*	E, letters, requests	22222
7484	R.Waves International	10.36-		E, country, not //11401	33333
11401	R.Waves International	10.35-		E, pops, not //7484	24332

RADIO PERFEKT now uses the address: Postfach 1732, D-48578 Gronau, Germany

RADIO BSA last week announced Postbus 643, NL-7900 AP Hoogeveen, Holland.

Please: call the crazy FARMERS at Holland # 529432526 to stop that awful evil
echo and splatter down to 6280 kHz. The scene is upset about that guys...

To alleviate the crowding on 6955 kHz, some US stations are using new
frequencies around 6925 kHz from now on. These frequencie were in use on
Halloween also e.g. LOUNGE LIZARD RADIO. So give it a check now and then.

Again TAKE IT EASY RADIO was heard in the early sunday morning hours with a
solid signal.

73, Rainer



November 9th, 1997 (Sunday)


3932.7	Union R.		16.40-17.30	E, IDs, Dutch pops	54554

5830	Ozone R.International	12.11-		E, R.Dublin recordings	33333

6209.6	R.Pamela		12.12-		E, IDs, rock music	32322

6219	Laser Hot Hits		09.10-		E, pops			23322

6233.4	Free Style R.		11.31-		G, rock music		44444

6238.7	R.Cochiguaz		07.11-		E, Sp, LA flute music	33322

6238.7	KIWI R.			08.30-		E, usual birthday show	33322

6238.7	Britain R.International	11.00-		E, pops			33322

6244v	unid, Dutch		08.30-		D, relay s'Heeerenberg	22222

6250	unid			11.30-		E, very very low mode	34431

6251	unid			07.40-		?, music		33333

6252v	R.Brigitte		08.30-		E,D,G,F, pops		33333

6260	R.Nordsee Int.		11.00-		G, pops, SRS address	44444

6266.6	UK R.International	09.30-		E, pops			33333

6275	R.Zodiac Int.		11.05-		E, pops, later relay	32322

6281.7	R.Free Willy		11.33-		G, IDs, rock, QRM	43433

6289.7	unid			07.40-		?, music		32222

6299	Farmers from Holland	10.00-		E,D, echooooooooo	55555

6939	ABC Dublin		12.15-		E, IDs , pops		34433

6955U	unid, tent.TIE R., USA	07.07-		E, music, very weak	12211

7395L	R.San Marino Int.	11.31-11.50*	?, non stop music, QSY	44444

11410U	R.San Marino Int.	11.50*-		?, non stop music	44444

no news today, sorry.....

73, Rainer

>From Andy Walker in London:
Here's some logs before I go to work. Long skip this weekend.
Saturday 1st Nov
6275 Radio Argus S4 at 1350

Sunday 2nd Nov
6245 JRR S4 at 0930
6252 unid S3 at 0935
6260 unid S4 at 0950 Good mod but could not ID due to poor microphone quality
6266 UK Radio S3 at 1000 Low mod
6273 unid S3 at 0940
6275 RNI S2/3 at 0955
6280 unid S2/3 at 0937 Splash from the Farmers
6299 The Farmers S4/5 at 1005

>From Martin Deeley in the UK
Here are my logs for Sunday 9 November:
6220Khz  Laser Hot Hits (0945-? UTC, SIO:444)
6238Khz  Laser Hot Hits / Britain Radio International (0945-? UTC, SIO:344)
6245Khz  Weekend Music Radio (1030-? UTC, SIO:333)
6250Khz  Unidentified (0945-1030 UTC, SIO:111)
6250Khz  Unidentified carrier (1130-? UTC, SIO:444)
6260Khz  Radio Northsea International (0945-1300 UTC, SIO:343)
6266Khz  UK Radio (All day Sunday, SIO:222 to 444)
6275Khz  Radio Zodiac Shortwave (1000-1200 UTC, SIO:343)
6280Khz  Laser Hot Hits (0945-? UTC, SIO:333)
6300Khz  The Farmers from Holland (Dutch, 0930-? UTC, SIO:444)

Here are my logs for Sunday 2 November:

5805Khz  Radio Free London (All day Sunday, SIO:444)
5830Khz  Ozone International (1100-? UTC, SIO:343)

6210Khz  Radio Pamela (1200-? UTC, SIO:333)
6220Khz  Laser Hot Hits (1000-? UTC, SIO:343)
6238Khz  Laser Hot Hits (1100-? UTC, SIO:444)
6245Khz  Jolly Roger Radio (1000-1100 UTC, SIO:333)
6250Khz  Unidentified (Belgium, 1000-1125 UTC, SIO:222 with very poor
6260Khz  Radio Pandora (1000-? UTC, SIO:333)
6260Khz  Transatlantic Radio (1200-? UTC, SIO:333)
6266Khz  UK Radio (All day Sunday, SIO:222 to 444)
6280Khz  Laser Hot Hits (1000-? UTC, SIO:222)
6300Khz  The Farmers from Holland (Dutch, 0930-? UTC, SIO:444)

Checkout my homepage for more information:

Good to hear the return of Radio Zodiac Shortwave - one of my favorites
from the late 70's and early 80's.