[HCDX]: Re: YLE 6120/11755 schedule
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[HCDX]: Re: YLE 6120/11755 schedule

>For one of my columns in the Dutch monthly Radio Amateur Magazine (RAM), I am
>preparing a short item about YLE. I can hear two separate Finnish language
>programs on 6120 and 11755 kHz. Are these home service relays, and if so: which
>home service program is relayed on each of these SW channels ? 

Hi Michiel, compiling this took a little time but here is
the story as Radio Finland schedule tells it:

YLE 1 = Serious talk, classical music
ID: "Ylen ykkonen"
YLE 2 = rock music, the stupidiest DJ's of the entire human history
ID: "Radiomafia"
YLE 3 = actualities, sport, Finnish music, Regional programmes
ID: "Radio Suomi"
YLE 4 = Swedish language
ID: "Riksradion"

time UTC      6120                          11755
0800          Nx, Ulmanen ja Roiha (YLE2)   Nx, Today At 10 (actuals) (YLE3)
              (Sunday: YLE3)                (Sunday: Mass (YLE1))
0900          Nx, Finnish music (YLE3)      Nx, YLE 1
0930          Regional program relays (YLE3)
              (Sunday: YLE3)
1000          Aktuellt, FSR (YLE4)          12 o'clock (YLE1)
                                            (Saturday: Childrens' from YLE2)
1100          Sw.news from FNB, FSR (YLE4)  News from STT, Entertaiment
1200          Nx, Radiomafia relay (YLE2)   Nx, Today Afternoon (actuals,Y3)
1300          Nx, YLE1 relay                Nyheter, YLE4 relay
1330                                        Regional Swedish programs (YLE4)
1400          Nx, YLE1 relay                News in Swedish.
1415                                        News in Finnish. 
1430                                        Regional programs, sport (YLE3)
1500          Nx, YLE1 relay                Nx, Regional programs (YLE3)
1530          Daily Mirror (news) (YLE3)    Daily Mirror (News) (YLE3)
1600          Nx, YLE1 relay                Nx, Music, Sport (YLE3)
1700          News in Finnish               News in Finnish
1715          News in Swedish               News in Swedish
1730          Monday: Radio Theatre (YLE1)
              Tuesday: Various
              Wednesday: Deputy State Secretary (humour) (YLE2)
              Thursday: Around The Power (discussions) (YLE1)
              Friday: Telephone Lines Are Singing (request show) (YLE3)
              Saturday: Saturday's Requested (YLE3)
              Sunday: Norppa (music and talk) (YLE2)
1830          Finnish Music (YLE3)          Finnish Music (YLE3)
1900          News, Entertaiment            News, Entertaiment

Regional Programmes are rotated as follows: (according to the
location of the studio)

0410-0500     Mon: Vaasa, Tue: Seinajoki, Wed: Rovaniemi, 
              Thu: Kemi, Fri: Kajaani.
0930-1000     Mon: Tampere, Tue: Pori, Wed: Helsinki,
              Thu: Kouvola, Fri: Hameenlinna.
1015-1045     Mon: Kemi, Tue: Lahti, Wed: Mikkeli,
              Thu: Vaasa, Fri: Turku.
1430-1530     Mon: Joensuu, Tue: Kuopio, Wed: Oulu,
              Thu: Lappeenranta, Fri: Rovaniemi.

whew! Was it even interesting...??? :P

Best Wishes from Jari.

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