[HCDX]: Sunday night DX summary
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[HCDX]: Sunday night DX summary

Here's a quick summary of listening I did from Plymouth, MA (Nelson
Street Beach) on 23 NOV.  Full reports will be issued later.  This 
DXing was done during the period of the 1997 Newfoundland DXpedition.
Chances are good that Jean and Neil are hearing much more interesting
material than I'm listing here.  I was on site for about an hour and
10 minutes: 2249-2359 UTC.  Morocco/Spain even mix on 1044, Spain-999,
Algeria-981, Portugal-963, Spain-954, Algeria-891, Canaries-Spain-882,
Spain-864, Spain-855, Canaries / Azores even mix on 837 (note Azores
back to "correct" 837 from previous 836), growl / mess on 828 (Azores
or Portugal in there I think), Spain / Egypt even mix on 774,
Senegal-765 dominant, "pig pile" on 747 finally yielded Canaries-Spain,
Morocco-819 (// 612), Morocco-612 local-like !, Canaries-Spain-621,
Spain-648, Spain-684 huge !, Western Sahara / Libya - 711 even mix
w/ 50 Hz growl, Portugal-666, Azores-693 (// 837), Spain-603, 
Portugal-594 (// 963) dominant, Spain-585, tentative Portugal-576
(apparent // 594) in mix w/ Algeria / Spain, Algeria-549 excellent,
Algeria-531 slightly over Spain & Madeira, Morocco-540 (tentative)
in jumble, Morocco-1053 and a JAMMING-LIKE buzzsaw signal (what's
this ?), Spain-873, Spain over probable Syria-918, Morocco-1044
at MONSTER level (2342 UTC) with rustic African music, Canaries-1008
(non-SER), Spain-1134 over Croatia, Canaries-Spain-1179, Spain-1116,
Spain-1125, Madeira-1125 low power station // 693, Spain-1215,
Libya-1251, Spain-1287, Spain-1296, Spain-1305 in growl, Spain-1314,
Mauritania-1349, Spain-1359, Spain-1413, Algeria-1544.  Low band
signals were better than high-banders and northern Europeans
were conspicuous by their absence.  I noted a low growl against 
WSKO-790 (RI).  The "offending signal" seemed to be on 789.8 and
could have been either another domestic or Barbados.
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