[HCDX]: Hauser's SW/DX Dec 11
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[HCDX]: Hauser's SW/DX Dec 11


[Items from this report may be reproduced and re-reproduced ONLY
providing full credit is maintained at all stages]

THIS WEEK ON WORLD OF RADIO 921: Lots of holiday DX and program
specials; La Voz del CID now on WRMI, and where it transmitted
from before; how to contact Eritrean clandestines; BBC previews;
Switzerland closing down domestic SW sites; AWR quitting 
Slovakia; Romania has a new/reactivated site; and many of the
items below (Hauser)

ALGERIA. R. Algeria International English now at 1200-1300, ex-
1600-1700, on 11715 and 15160. Poor on 15160 with severe ACI
from 15165 (Patrick Travers via Edwin Southwell, England, Dec 8,
WORLD OF RADIO 921) Checked Dec 10 and VOA Philippines was on
11715 (Hauser, OK)

ARMENIA. Don't you believe the VOA sked Guido Schotmans forwarded
to Cumbre DX and BC-DX--at least, not yet. I noticed that the
English broadcast on 9965 is given as 2145-2215, following a half-
hour gap after German until 2115, instead of English at 2115-2145. 
But when I checked Dec 9 and 10, English was in fact still at 
2115-2145*, rather poor and fluttery, but no signal after 2145. 
Dec 10 at 2116 the English opening also claimed it was at 2145-
2215, so perhaps this is an upcoming change which has not yet 
reached the people actually responsible for putting it on the air 
(Glenn Hauser, OK)

ECUADOR. I hate to have to bring this up from time to time, but
I am the victim of theft by DX Partyline. Once again on Dec 6, my 
item about VOA's old Liberia site being a deathtrap, was quoted 
on DXPL with the source deleted, although almost every other item 
on the program was properly attributed. I believe he was quoting 
from Electronic DX Press, which carried that item from my SW/DX 
Report of Nov 20, and which included the usual credit line. 
Furthermore, the original source I quoted, a Detroit News story, 
was also deleted. There is no doubt about this whatsoever, since 
the item took the words right out of my mouth as I had briefly 
paraphrased the report. I regard this as deliberately hostile, 
unprofessional behavior, and have objected directly to Ken 
MacHarg about previous instances. He replied  with his 
rationalization for doing it, but does not want me to quote him. 
Unlike him, I will honor professional (or amateur) courtesies. So 
much for the ethics of religionists. But I can tell you what I 
told him: you have three choices: 1) Never use any info from me; 
2) Use whatever you like as long as it is credited; 3) Steal info 
and I will publicize what you did the following week. Obviously 
he has opted for number 3). Let me make clear that I am not a 
raving egomaniac who wants to hear his name on the radio as often 
as possible. If I cared to participate in DXPL I would send the 
info directly. In any case, source of contributions must be 
acknowledged, and just "via WORLD OF RADIO" would be sufficient. 
I object strenuously to being an involuntary AND uncredited 
source. Although MacHarg has not admitted it, I suspect that his 
ad-hoc deletions of my name from the items stolen result from my 
being blacklisted by HCJB for publicly contradicting their 
religious beliefs. I challenge Ken to straighten out and prove me 
wrong about this. I know this is unpleasant, but it is a 
situation brought about by HCJB. It is their dirty laundry, not 
mine. I shall be very interested to see which editors have the 
guts to publish this. Merry Xmas! (Glenn Hauser, OK, and WORLD 

FRANCE. R. Neige, the low-power NBFM transmitters at ski resorts
are again being heard on 11m; the second time this season was
Dec 10 until fade around 1600 in parallel on 25710, 25900 and
26070 (Alan Roberts, Quebec, WORLD OF RADIO 921)

GREECE. V. of Greece with nice winter propagation on 7450 as
early as 1829 ending Spanish news, announced to start at 1815.
This is a new block following English at 1800 to take advantage
of the USA relays on //15485, 17705, Dec 7 (Glenn Hauser, OK)

GUATEMALA. La Voz de Atitlan, 2390, now has a window clear of 
both WWCR and XEJN [see MEXICO], between 1200 and 1300 for those
of us with a darkness path. Dec 11 at 1203 found weak signal vs
the high noise level here, talking in non-Spanish mentioning the
word "canton" several times and various localities, including
at 1213 and 1214 "Santiago Atitlan". Intermittent RTTY on low
side eliminated by listening on USB. Fq seemed to be a tad on
the high side of 2390 (Glenn Hauser, OK)

KOREA NORTH. KCBS, Pyongyang, 2850, with a very nice signal Dec 9
at 1254 revolutionary music, SIO peak 454; 1257 female soloist
with chorus, 1258 accordion music, 1259 anmt, 1300 3 + 1 timesig,
news. Much weaker next morning with disturbance (Glenn Hauser, OK)

MEXICO. On 2640 kHz, long-time harmonic of XERJ, 1320, Mazatlan,
Sinaloa made another appearance here, strong enough to surpass
the local high line noise level, Dec 9 at 1255 with ID as "La
R-J", MST timecheck, ads and music (Glenn Hauser, OK)

MEXICO. R. Huayacocotla has been missing lately at 1200, but now
for winter timing signs on just after 1300 on 2390, such as Dec
10 at *1303 with brief OC, Mexican anthem, and opening talk 
seemed to be in non-Spanish. Or was this Radio Ibero relay? We 
have never had any confirmation about that (Glenn Hauser, OK)

NORWAY. NRK info from Olav Mo Grimdalen: usage of 18950 at 1000-
1055 is experimental, as 21 MHz was originally planned for this.
Move from 13805 to 13790 was due to some listener complaints 
of splash from NRK's adjacent transmitter on 13800, at 1300.
The antenna bearing 315 degrees works well for Hawaii, Danish
seamen in the area. At 1900 and 2000, 9960 was originally for
WNAm, but beam changed to CNAm for better results (via Joe 
Hanlon, PA, Dec 7, via Hauser)

POLAND. Here in deep NAm we await the annual peak of possible
Polish propagation in December, thanks to minimized absorption
of PRW's too-low frequencies at the dim northern European noon.
On Dec 8 I happened to find English at 1310 on 9525, clear but
some flutter and light BBC 9515 splash. Seems to be mostly 
music in second half-hour. Also on //11815, which sometimes
peaks above co-channel REE/Costa Rica with sub-audible heterodyne.
On Dec 9, 9525 became clear after VOA Creole 1301*, and Indonesia
not on it at present. I noted that 11795, 11800 and 11805 were
open, but PRW is one of the holdouts with extremely conservative
frequency usage; they've been on 11815 for decades, and are 
unlikely to move no matter what (Glenn Hauser, OK, and WORLD OF 
RADIO 921)

THAILAND. R. Thailand is still working on five new language 
services, but austerity is a must and the budget has been cut a
few times already. I don't think we can start Spanish this 1997-
98 budget year. We shall start Tagalog and Cantonese shortly.
Spanish, Russian and Arabic will have to wait. Too bad! The
reorganization here is going on, and we have been working 
closely with the VOA people, both in Udon Thani and Washington.
(Amporn Samosorn, R. Thailand, WORLD OF RADIO 921)

U S A. WGTG update, from David Frantz, Dec 10. Tests of second
transmitter on 9505 were on Nov 28-29 only. Now awaiting some
parts and will test next in daytime on some WWCR nighttime
frequencies, 2390 and 3210. Hoping to get 3200 and 6955 cleared
for eventual use. Will have a total of five antennas, some yagi,
some rhombic, aimed NW, N, NE, SE, SW. To be finished in about
two months is a 6-element wide-spaced yagi for 9 MHz toward
Vancouver. The second homemade transmitter is designated "DX50C"
while the first is "DX50B". The second has digital modulation,
and the first will later be upgraded to this. Would prefer to
operate straight SSB if there were enough receivers for this.
Program test authority has not yet come through for WGTG-2. An
antenna coupler "meltdown" forced WGTG-1 off the air a few
minutes before the scheduled airing of WORLD OF RADIO UT Tue
Dec 9 at 0500 on 5085-USB, but it did air again this week at 
the backup time of UT Wed 0600. [In last week's report I should 
have referred to #919, not 920 at that time] (WORLD OF RADIO 921)       

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