[HCDX]: WNRB 1510 closing ?
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[HCDX]: WNRB 1510 closing ?

From:     Karel Honzik                       Date: 11 DEC 1997 (Thursday)
     Plzen, CZECH REPUBLIC (Czechia), Europe
** As the Sun sinks slowly in the west, it is time for another DX session **

W N R B   Boston MA, 1510 kHz

Last night (December 10/11) it seemed that we were listening to one
of the last broadcasts of WNRB (it was already published that this station
has been sold). Its staff will be moving.
In a long speech at around 0230 UTC they said a.o.:
"In a couple of days we will be moving..."
They mentioned "WROL ... 950 here in Boston area..."
Listeners were asked for their further support because "...radio broadcast
it will be more expensive then ever for us."

Exceptional reception conditions between Europe and North America brought
strong signals of east coast stations, esp. WNRB had a strong and constant
signal before and after 0200 UTC, untill 0245 when conditions were
slowly disappearing. Between 0200-0240 I layed my barefoot Sony ICF-2001D
on a heating by window in my room and have been watching 7 LEDs (out of 10)
of the S-meter shining constantly! I do not remember something like that
happened before.
(Usually there is a poor reception of MW signals in our multi-apartment
house built of concrete and steel where loop antennas are almost useless.)

Maybe some more european DXers had similar experiences or, vice versa,
our northamerican colleagues maybe heard a number of rare stations
from Europe and Middle East.


de Karel.
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