Re: [HCDX]: WNRB 1510 closing ?
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Re: [HCDX]: WNRB 1510 closing ?

WNRB-1510 noted tonight (12 DEC 2320 UTC) with Bloomberg News Radio (business
and general news), no longer religious.  "This is Bloomberg Business Radio on
AM 1120, AM 1510, AM 1320, and AM 1390" ID at this time.  This is the same
national news feed that our European friends often hear on WBBR-1130 New York,
with local news, traffic, and weather inserts.  The Boston-area stations are
WADN-1120 Concord MA, WARA-1320 Attleboro MA (near Providence), and I presume
WPLM-1390 Plymouth MA.

David Yocis
South Nyack, NY (25 km north of New York City)
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