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MW LOGS from Mauricio Molano, Madrid, Spain.

Impressive reception on MW this weekend!.

RX: JRC-NRD525 ANT: loop 1 m. not amplified.


18.00  1216.15  R. Tirana, I.S. and ID. Good
18.59  1566     HLAZ, Cheju; At least! catched its ID:
                "H-L-A-Zee Asea Pansong", then TS and
                the three notes tune I have heard many
                times. Good level.
21.07  1375     RFO St. Pierre et M., inst. music.
21.10  1400     CBG (t.), EE talk, "jingle bells". Weak
21.29  0740     CHCM, id's "CM Radio", strong signal
                but hard to copy due to strong splatter
                from RNE-738.
21.51  1380     CFDA, adv. en française. Good signal.
22.16  1190     WLIB, live show, ID" "11-90 WLIB".
                Strong. First time heard.
22.28  1240     YVNV. R. Nacional-Antena Popular. Adv.
                "Repuestos el Rosario".
22.39  0860     CJBC (t.) talk in french. Suff. signal.
23.11  1570.01  HIAJ, R. Amanecer Int., relig. prog.
                giving address. Good level.
23.45  1450     CHUC, Cobourg, ON, 1 kw!. ID and
                "Last Christmas" by "Wham". Obviously,
                first time heard.

00.05  0940     CBM, "CBC Radio One". Strong.
00.13  0980     CBV (t.), talk in french. Strong.
00.21  0780     WBBM, talk, promo. Good.
00.28  0740     CBL, asian music // 940
06.06  1569.94  Unid. Spanish Relig. program. TGVEA?
06.22  1660     WJDM (t.). Weak. bits of EE talk.
19.01  1503     IRIB-Bushehr. Strong signal // 1566
                Bandar Abass and 1386 Ahwaz (this
                under Bolshakovo).
19.30  1375     weak music. Assumed RFO. Other
                carriers detected on 1070 (CBA), 1400
                (CBG, bits of audio), and 1580 (CBJ).
20.29  2310     VL8A. Woman talking // VL8T-2325.
20.31  1566     AIR-Nagpur. News in EE. S9!! on the
                JRC. The strongest signal ever heard
                from this outlet. Impresionante!.
21.21  0760     Unid Arabic st., Yemen?. Good signal
                but only music heard.


00.32  1380.03  RCN-Tunja. News. Link with RCN-Nariño
                for report. Suff.
02.15  1170     A big Mix!. 2 or 3 Northamericans and
                other 2 or 3 British. Nulling as much as
                possible the signals from the Isles I
                could heard ID's for WWVA (at 0300
                and 0401). This station was carriying
                relig. programs. But there was another
                with relg. and posssibly a third with
                music. At 02.34 a weak station
                appeared giving an address..."box 1,
                ..(something not understood.., Radio
                (something sounding like Teerahkee)"
                Any idea?

That's all for now. I'm in my Christmas vacation week
so I have all the day for just turning the tunnig knob!!

Merry Christmas & Happy new year.

Mauricio Molano
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