[HCDX]: [RSMI] Xmas greetings and .....
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[HCDX]: [RSMI] Xmas greetings and .....

RSMI likes to thank for all received e-mail reports, specially for those 
received from North America. Unfortunately the propagation were very 
strange this weekend.
In addition, due to a thunderstorm during night nearby our location in 
San Marino, we had been forced to stop our broadcast for several hours 
and to change a little the Sunday morning schedule.
*** The beginning ***
We heard again that the discussions about our transmitting site are very 
Just a few definitive words: our programmes are coming from a mobile 
site in the Republic of  San Marino; in any case, if you do not believe 
that the signal of RSMI is originated from San Marino, do not worry 
about this and please just listen to our broadcast like any other 
unofficial station from anywhere in the world, if you consider our 
programmes interesting for you, independently from the country of origin 
!  However we are very happy for the activation of a new country (any 
connection with HAM), for all BCL and DX-er that belives in RSMI !
*** The end ***
Till the next transmission (probably on Sunday morning only, January 
19th, 1998) all the best from the RSMI staff.  Have a Merry Xmas and a 
Happy New Year!
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