[HCDX]: Loggings from the Netherlands
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[HCDX]: Loggings from the Netherlands


2310, VL8A; Alice Springs, December 22, 2025-2031, Female speaker in
English, song: "Feliz Navidad", TS, ABC newstune, followed by the news read
by a male speaker. 23332 (Veldhuis)

4879.2, Bangladesh Betar; Kabirpur, December 23, 0104-0109, Female speaker
with presumed news in Bengali, frequent mention of Bangladesh, ID at 0106
UTC. Listened in LSB to avoid strong number-station on 4880 kHz. 24333

9674.9, Radio Cancao Nova; Cachoeira Paulista, December 22, 2033-2100,
Religious talk and prayers in Portuguese, talk with choral version of
"Silent Night" in background, Portuguese version of "Jingle Bells", ID,
frequencies and address. Excellent reception: 44444 (Veldhuis)

9560.2, Radio Ethiopia; Gedja, December 22, 1714-1718, Male speaker in
French with ID and talk. 22432 (Veldhuis)

4790, AIR; Madras, December 22, 2359-0010, IS, male speaker with ID and talk
in Tamil, female speaker with presumed news. 44344 (Veldhuis)

4940.0, SLBC; Ekala, December 23, 0110-0117, Male speaker in English giving
address, advertisements, mention of frequencies and ID as: "you are tuned to
the Sri Lanka Commercial Service". 34343 (Veldhuis)

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!


Mark Veldhuis
the Netherlands

Receivers: AOR AR7030, JRC NRD-535, Lowe HF-150, Sony ICF-SW7600G
Antenna: Appr. 20 meter longwire.
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