Re: [HCDX]: Merry Xmas from EDXC
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Re: [HCDX]: Merry Xmas from EDXC

Sorry folks to bother with this, but I need to make a small comment:

On Mon, 22 Dec 1997, Dr. Anton J. Kuchelmeister, ajk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Now, this seems really strange to me! Since when is the Hard-core-dx
> mailing list the official channel from EDXC to its members and member
> clubs? Not that I do not want to see such a message here, however in
> the perspective that not all EDXC members are subscribed to this
> mailing list, I consider this approach not very member friendly and in
> fact too restricted.
> Hth,
> 	Anton, ajk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anton, take it easy! This is not an official channel of EDXC, nor is where I also put this. In fact there is no official
e-mail list because there still are clubs who don't have e-mail. I
have a list of most clubs, but I couln't use it because of hardware
problems (as I wrote I have been forced to move my mail to another
computer here at UH). I only wanted as many EDXC representatives as
possible to see this.
Risto K. actually replied me that creating an EDXC list to his server
would be possible and I'll return to that idea asap.

Happy Holiday Season!

Risto Vahakainu
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