[HCDX]: Ramadan, the Muslims month of fasting starts today
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[HCDX]: Ramadan, the Muslims month of fasting starts today

For those listening to broadcasts from Arabic countries.

The Muslims holly month of fasting, the Ramadan, begins today
in most of the Arabic countries.

But Iraq, Oman and Tunisia are among those countries that
had postphoned the Ramadan until tomorrow, because new moon
was'nt seen yesterday, as it's required. In Iran the Ramadan
first start at the 1'st of january.

In Indonesia Ramadan starts tomorrow.

During the Ramadan it's not allowed for Muslims to eat, drink,
smoke or practise sex from sunrise to sunset.

For those not familar with it, you will often find different
programming from what's normaly heard and that sign-on and sign-off 
times differs.

- Jens Sondergaard, Randers, DENMARK.

* Receivers used: Collins 51J-4 and JRC NRD-72.
* Antenna used:   30 m. wire

* Member of DSWCI/the Danish Shortwave Club International.
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