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Hi friends, and best of seasonal greetings.

Our friends Martin Elbe, Joachim Stiller (Germany) and Karel Honzik (Czech Rep) are on a DXspedition to Blokhus/North Jutland/Denmark as of 26 December. They have had STUNNING results with a large number of K-stations (just hearing one K-stion here is quite unusual) and 26th and 27th almost around-the-clock reception of NA! (Never experienced by me before - i.e. since I started DXing in 1959).

They have three UNIDs for you guys to have a look at:

970 kHz 29 Dec 0520 testtape repeatedly saying " this is a CBS Radio Network test on channel 43" + testtones. WZAN?

1470 kHz 29 Dec 1032 clearly with "Club 14" or "KLUB14" programme. Which is this?

1600 kHz non-stop Mexican music; is this the californian mexican? (think ard 1100, but didnt take note, Finn)

Can anyone put light to any of this?

I have no radio and dont know conditions. Can anyone tell the forecast for the coming days? MW hopeless now?

Best 73's  Finn Krone 
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