Re: [HCDX]: Nordic SW Center - NEW net address
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Re: [HCDX]: Nordic SW Center - NEW net address

> 2. Please do have in mind that we all at the Nordic Shortwave Center do 
> our jobs on a voluntary basis and do it in our spare time, even Hermod 
> who is working for Speaking for myself, I would 
> apologize if there are errors in the editorial content, because that is 
> something I have direct influence on, but certainly not if a technical 
> error occurs, something that -- from a professional point of view -- 
> occurs from time to time.
> 3. Last but not least: I am happy that there is a person who is running 
> his web site like this, for DXers.

Bravo Thorsten and to all the unpaid guys & gals who run web-sites for
DXers. I'll gladly put up with all sorts of irregularities - human or
computer-generated, in return for the rapid dissemination of info that the
Internet makes available. To me, the Internet should be hailed as a
catalyst for them timely information and a huge human
data-base via such groups as Hard-Core-DX.

Congratulations to you all.

73s Paul


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