Re: [HCDX]: Nordic SW Center - NEW net address
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Re: [HCDX]: Nordic SW Center - NEW net address

>I really get annoyed when someone tells me that I MUST do something on my
>Web site or complains of access problems. If a net backbone goes down so be
>it. Something usually gets fixed the same day. Queries with "attitude" just
>go into the bit-bucket.

Thank you.
Unfortunately this need to be said now and then. Most often I hit the
Delete key, this time I did not because there simply where too much
public discussion about nothing - and not one taking the trouble of
asking the source. Especially as the URL did, and do, work. 
If only folks could relax, wait an hour or two, and then every problem
would normally be fixed. Especially if it is a totally free lunch.

Then the URL changes has been a bit troubling, first due to company
change, then due to new company rules forcing me to find other
solutions. Which has been a bit complex as the site is rather big, the
users fairly many and my intention was to not let any out of a service
they have grown used to.

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Hermod Pedersen
Nordic Shortwave Center <>