Re: [HCDX]: Nordic SW Center - NEW net address
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Re: [HCDX]: Nordic SW Center - NEW net address

Picking on Hermod Pederson for a change of URL and the fact that he does
other things with his life is out of line. Heck, if you had looked at our
link updates a week or two ago the URL questions are a non-issue. The
announcements were made -- I saw them -- and it appears that some readers
on this group did not.

I really get annoyed when someone tells me that I MUST do something on my
Web site or complains of access problems. If a net backbone goes down so be
it. Something usually gets fixed the same day. Queries with "attitude" just
go into the bit-bucket.

We provide a Web site service because we like to. I welcome feedback and
updates, and respond with credit and thanks. 

We do the best we can, but when push comes to shove family is first. The
only other absolute obligation I have are to those who pay for services
rendered. The last time I checked those who visit my Web site aren't paying
for access, the news or the link updates.

Those who know me personally know that I will help just about anyone who
asks, but someone who takes a moral, preaching tone with me is just not
welcome. I've been in the hobby since 1952, and I don't need the "in your
face" stance any more.

There, I've said it. If it fits, wear it.

Tom Sundstrom
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